“…They Say That You Are Always The Last To Know… They Say That All That Glitters Is Not Gold…”

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

“…It’s Not Just That You’re Never Coming Back To Me

It’s The Bitter Way That I Was Told

And I’m Up While The Dawn Is Breaking

Even Though My Heart Is Aching

I Should Be Drinking A Toast To Absent Friends

Instead Of The Comedians.”



*** *** *** *** ***

Simply An Amazing Song That Is A Truly Forgotten Classic.

I’ll Let The Song Speak For Itself.

I Just Haven’t Been Able To Get It Out Of My Head All Night Long…

…And All The Morning, Thus Far.


Simply Wonderful.

It’s The Kind Of Song You Honestly Don’t Mind Not Being Able To Get Out Of The Ole Noggin.

I Love It.

So I’m Sharing It With Y’all.

Hope You Love It, Also.


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