In The Hangar: Part 4: A Personal Favorite Hangar Photo

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

This Photo Shows An F-18 HORNET Being Pushed Into Position As It’s Taken Up From The Hangar Deck On The Hangar Elevator Up To The Flight Deck.

It Was Taken In Such A Way As To Illustrate Just How Massive The Hangar Deck, And Therefore The Ship, Actually Is.

It’s Freakin’ HUGE, My Peeps.

Fo Sho FO SHO!!!


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In The Hangar: Part 3: The Other LOUD Aircraft

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

Original Photos By Bradley Alan

Just Thought Y’all Might Like These Two.

Ya Know…

…Since They Show-Off A Couple Of The Other Aircraft We Carried Along With Us.

The Top Aircraft Was What Was Used To Ferry Passengers, Equipment, And…

…One Of THE Most Important Things In The Life Of A Military Person…


We’d Wait In Line For However Long It Might Take Just At The Off Chance We’d Receive Something.


…Meant EVERYTHING To Some Of Us, Fo SHO!!!

The Bottom Aircraft (called a Prowler if I remember correctly) Was Used For Radar Jamming Purposes.

Since I Honestly Can’t Remember Exactly I Shall Leave It There And Simply Say…

…I Hope You Like These Two Pics.

I Enjoy Them Very Much So.


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In The Hangar: Part 2: An F-14 TOMCAT Being Serviced

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

Click The Picture If You Wanna Get A Little Closer.

I Tried To Leave This One As Large As Possible So Y’all Could See It Up-Close And Personal.


…For Those Of You Wondering…


…The F-14 TOMCAT Was The Jet Flown By TOM CRUISE And The Like In The Film…


…So You Can Understand How Exciting This Was For Me To See, As I Said, Up-Close And Personal.

Hope You Dig It, My Peeps!!!


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