Random (Halloween’ish) Movie Mention: “TALES FROM THE CRYPT Presents: DEMON KNIGHT” (1994)

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"


…Was/Is An All-Time Favorite Television Series Of Mine.

If You Don’t Know, It Used To Air New/Original Episodes On The HBO Network.

So When I’d Heard They Were Releasing A Big-Screen Adventure, I Was VERY Ready To Give It A Go.

I Was 14-Years-Old.

I’d Been A Huge Fan Of All Things Horror For About…


…Maybe Seven (7) Years, At That Point.

I’d Been Watching Horror (In Secret) For So Long By 1994…

…I Sincerely Can’t Be Sure How Long It Had Been Going On.

I Was Addicted To A Programing Setup Called…


…On The USA Network.

Anyone Remember That Stuff?


(*counts hands*)


More Of Y’all Than I’d Expected!!

That’s GREAT!!!

Okay, YES…

…The USA Network Was AWESOME Back-In-The-Day.

Ms. RHONDA Used To Host It…

…And They Would Feature All-Sorts Of Horror Flicks.

Yeah, They Were…

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