(Not So) Random Movie Mention: CRY OF THE BANSHEE (1970)

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

 While “CRY OF THE BANSHEE” Is NOT The Best Of The Best…I

…It Does Have Some Plus-Points.

The Main Plus Being Its Star VINCENT PRICE!

He Does All he Can To Give This Flick Something Fun To Showcase.


The Production Values Are Acceptable.

The Direction Is Simply NOT As Top-Notch As One Would Have Hoped, And The Supporting Cast Is VERY HIT&MISS.

That’s Putting It As Mildly As Possible.

HOWEVER… It IS A Fun Flick, Despite Its Glaring Flaws, And An EASY CHOICE For A Random, or (Not So) Random, Mentioning.

If You’re Just Looking For Something Kinda Gory & Brutal, With An AMAZING PERFORMER Headlining The Show…

…You Could Do A Lot Worse Than “CRY OF THE BANSHEE” And THAT’s A BIG FO SHO, Good Buddies!


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