“A SCENE Of HORROR” by Bradley Alan (Rated “R”)

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

Alright, My Peeps.

This Is A Tinkered-With Version Of Something I’d Written About A Decade Ago.

In 2003, Actually.

The Tinkering Part Is An Expansion Of The Setting Of The Scene.

The Actual Parts Of The People In The Scene Haven’t Been Much Tinkered-With At All.

I’ll Warn You Now…

…My Dream Of Writing, Especially When Thinking About Potential Movie Scenes, Or Screenplays, Etc, Has NEVER Been Geared Toward The Goal Of One-Day Winning An Academy Award.


…I Never Considered Winning Any Awards For It.

I Wanted To Write “B-MOVIES“…

…Ya Know…

…More Like A “SYFY CHANNEL ORIGINAL” Type Of Film.

I’m Not So Good When It Comes To Dramatic Writing…

…Nor Really Comedy Writing, Either.


…Boy, Oh Boy, Can I Write Some Quality CHEESE!

This Piece…


by Bradley Alan

…Is Exactly That.

It Was Written…

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