“A (Closing) Scene Of Horror” by BRADLEY ALAN (c) 2003 & 2013

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

A (Closing) Scene Of Horror


(c) 2003 & 2013

Philip and Albert (Phil and Al)…

…are trapped together in a building of some sort. Perhaps a Barn or an Older Storage Room/Locker.

Something like that.

Philip is mainly uninjured, but appears to be pinned into a corner…



…Maybe he just doesn’t want to come out of it. Hmm. Nobody truly knows but he, himself.

Albert has a large object crushing his right-leg just above the knee.

Farm Equipment?

Industrial-Sized AirConditioner?

Something large, heavy, and appropriate to the setting that also could have fallen from above and landed on this dude.

They Talk Together.



Philip is doing his best to keep Albert as calm as possible.

Albert thinks he’s going to die, and Philip is pretty damn sure Albert is going to die.

There’s no way for Philip to move…

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