The Song Stuck In My Head: “ONE CARESS” by DEPECHE MODE (1993)

It Was The First Thing Playing For Me, This Morning, Also.
I Love It! 😀

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

*** *** ***

“…I’m Shying From The Light

I Always Loved The Night

And Now You Offer Me

Eternal Darkness. …”

*** *** ***

*** *** ***

“…I Have To Believe That Sin

Can Make A Better Man

It’s The Mood That I Am In

That’s Left Us Back Where We Began. …”

*** *** ***

*** *** ***

“…Oh Girl

Lead Me Into Your Darkness

When This World Is Trying It’s Hardest

To Leave Me Unimpressed

Just One Caress

From You And I’m Blessed. …”

*** *** ***


I Put On My MP3Player…

…Headed Out The Door On My Morning Walk…

…And This Song…




…Was Already Waiting For Me.

I Think I Played It FOUR TIMES During Said Morning Walk.

I Played BOTH The Studio Version AND The Live Version.

It Didn’t Matter To Me.

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