Thinking Aloud: Post-HALLOWEEN-Edition: “Ever Since My Trip To CHICAGO…

I Sat Down This Evening With My Man And Watched “THE GREY” With Him.
He’d Never Seen It Before, And I Felt The Need To Leap Upon His “THE GREY” Virgin-Status And Showed It Off.
I Think He Really REALLY Enjoyed It, Which Is A Major Plus In My Book.
I Love The Film.
I Love Everything About It.
So That Just Made Watching It Tonight, With Him, That Much More Special!!! 😀

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

…I’ve Been Drawn-To, And Excited-By, The Film “THE GREY” StarringLIAM NEESON.”

I’ve Been Fixated Upon-It, Actually.

SEE !!!


I’m SURE You’ve Noticed, But…

…I Really Just Can’t Help Myself.

The First Time I Saw It, I Liked It.

But, I Convinced Myself I Didn’t Like It So Much.

And Then I Watched-It A Second Time.

I Knew I Couldn’t Convince Myself To Dislike It Any Longer, So I Just Let The Greatness Of It Wash Over Me.

Then I Saw It A Third Time.

Then A Fourth.

I Just Can’t Help Myself.

To Me, It’s Like It Was After The First Time I Saw “KRULL” !!!

I Wanted To Watch It Again, And Again, AND AGAIN !!!

I Was The Same Way With A Few Other Choice-Flicks.

I Remember Doing It When “TOMBSTONE” Came Out.

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