“…If You Ever Look At Me And Smiiile… Alll The Whiiile Now. It May Be Near, But It Might As Well Be A Miiile… ‘Cause Mean Ole’ Woman, I Just Don’t Like Your Style, No. Ohhh… Style, No. …” — JIM “Dandy” Mangrum and BLACK OAK ARKANSAS (“MEAN WOMAN (If You Ever Blues)” (1974))

Listened To The Jam On My Morning Walk, And Am Still Listening To It.
‘Tis A Classic Favorite, FO SHO, Though I Know BLACK OAK ARKANSAS Isn’t Everyone’s Cup-O-Tea.
But, That Doesn’t Make Me Love Them Any Less!!! 😀

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

“If You Ever Waaant To See Me Neaaar… Be Sinceeere, Now. The Way You’re Actin’ Is Just One Thing That I Feaaar. Mean Woman, You’re Just Pretendin That You’re A Dear-Girl. Ohhh… A Dear-Girl. …”

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