An Amazing Song You’ve Never Heard That’s Now Stuck In My Head: “HIDEAWAY” by ERASURE

The Insomnia Fairy Has Struck Me Hard, And I’ve Already Given-Up On Trying To Sleep Anymore Tonight/This Morning.
I Was Going Through Some Older Posts When I Discovered This One.
It Made Me Smile Very Much, Especially Since I Didn’t Really Remember Blogging About This Song In The First Place.
I’m So Very VERY Glad I Did! 😀
Enjoy It, My Peeps.
And Don’t Forget To Check-Out The Link To The Music Video!
You Can Thank Me Later. 😉

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

One Day The Boy Decided

To Let Them Know The Way He Felt Inside

He Could Not Stand To Hide It

His Mother, She Broke Down And Cried

Oh, My Father

Why Don’t You Talk To Me Now

Oh, My Mother

Do You Still Cry Yourself To Sleep

Are You Still Proud Of Your Little Boy

Don’t Be Afraid

You Don’t Have To Hideaway

The Boy He Was Rejected

By The People That He Cared For

It’s Not What They Expected

But He Could Not Keep It Secret Anymore

Far From Home Now

Waiting By The Telephone

There’s A New World

You Can make It On Your Own

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