“One’s Heart Can’t Really Be In The Wrong Place…”

“…If It Were, Youd Be Dead.”


640px-Sparkler (via Wikipedia)-{(1990Present)}-


😉       😀       😉

9 responses to ““One’s Heart Can’t Really Be In The Wrong Place…”

    • Hahaha Thanks, Ms. Renee! I’ve Had This One Sitting Around Since April, And I’d Been Fighting The Urge To Use It. It Finally Just Felt Like The Right Time To Post It. Even The Person That Said It Told Me It Was “Awesome” That I Finally Got ’round To Putting It Up There. 🙂 hahaha


        • I Feel Like Absolute Ass, Ms. Renee. BUT, That’s Mainly Weather Related. It’s Done Nothing But Rain For Like 4 Days, Now. My Head Is Killing Me, As Are My Joints.
          Such Is Life, Eh?! 😉


          • Baby we need to chat soon. There’s all kinds of shit going on right now. Good stuff. 🙂 I’m sorry you feel like ass. This weather sucks for headaches. My doctor just put me on Topomax. Thanks be to God! Feel better sweetie.

            Love, Renee


  1. Bradley, I thought you should know I deleted my FB page and I quit music. I just wanted to say Hi and let you know I am thinking of you. Always your friend, Jaz


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