How to end up handcuffed backstage at an REO Speedwagon concert.

The Title Of This Piece Alone Was Going To Be Enough To Get It A Close Look At Being Reblogged. After Reading The Whole Story, I Was Totally Sold. This Piece Made Me Smile, Something I Haven’t Done A Lot Of, Of Late.
Very Cool Beans, Indeed. 🙂

Cave of Fame

I need some kind of rock n roll diploma to hang by my computer to justify me as a blogger of rock music; so I will tell this story from 1982.

My taste in music is not always as good as I think- now or in the past

Case in point:

 I once was an REO Speedwagon fanatic.

I am not proud of this but I admit that I may still own the entire REO Speedwagon catalogue. (at least up until the incident in the title)…yes, even those obscure records before Kevin Cronin took over as lead singer-And it gets worse:

I proudly wore a R.E.O belt buckle that I bought at the county fair. Back in the good ol’ days when copyright infringement was not farmed out to Asian countries; we made quality fake stuff right here in the U.S.A!!

While my friends were listening to Pink Floyd…

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