How you take a bitch out – a review of “Hatchet III” (2013)

The Title Alone Was Enough To Make Me Look Twice! hahaha
An Excellent Review Of A Flick I Sincerely Need To Give The Ole Once-Over.
Good Stuff, Fo SHO! 😀

Cinema Slasher

Hatchet III

Hatchet III is yet another absurdly violent gore-fest that finds the virtually indestructible Victor Crowley (Kane Hodder) hacking up seemingly never-ending swarms of hapless victims in a Louisiana bayou.

Picking up directly where Hatchet IIleft off, Marybeth (a returning Danielle Harris) stands as the sole survivor of the swamp massacre that occurred over the course of the first two films in the series. Believing to have destroyed Crowley once and for all, she makes her way to a police station where Sheriff Fowler (Zach Galligan of Gremlins fame) places her under arrest as the prime suspect of the murders.

When police that are investigating the crime scene wind up dead, a SWAT team led by Tyler Hawes (Derek Mears, Friday the 13th 2009) are called to “assist” the local police force. Meanwhile, Marybeth is illegally “bailed” out of jail by local reporter and Sheriff Fowler’s ex-wife, Amanda (Caroline Williams,

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