Don’t Do it! When Not To Watch a Horror Film

This One Made Me Smile A Bundle. 🙂
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The Horror Online

Some life experiences can be made all the more frightening by seeing a horror movie’s worst case scenario.. Here are the films that could lead you to wanting to change your plans..


Before Flying


Film : Final Destination(2000)

Your suitcase is packed, your tickets are booked, you are about to take to the sky! Now is not a good time to watch Devon Sawa and his classmates get shook like salt in a shaker and then ripped one by one out of a careening plane before the entire vessel explodes in flames. Don’t forget your Lonely Planet!



Alternative:  Planes, Trains and Automobiles(1987)


John Candy doesn’t make a good travel mate but by God at least no one burns to death!



Before Backpacking


Films : Hostel Part 1(2005) & 2 (2007), Wolf Creek (2005)

Backpacking ; a young person’s rite of passage, it offers…

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