Radiohead.Fake Plastic Trees

The First Radiohead Song I Honestly Fell In Love With…
…CREEP Was More Of A Lust/Want Type Of Thing. This One Was Sweet Sweet Lovin’!

Cave of Fame

I do have a few Ska songs racked up and ready to go but that post will have to wait as I find myself in the depths of a Radiohead mood. I wouldn’t call it sadness- more like a mixture of isolation mixed with a good dose of reality and extreme tiredness. You shake these ingredients together while some post-apocalyptic vision dances slowly across your brain and it’s time for those creepy boys from Oxfordshire-They are like the patron saints of wallowing self-reflection (wonder if I can get a mini plastic version of them to place on the dash of my beat-up Oldsmobile?) So enjoy and I feel better already.

And thanks to for placing this gem on their manic/depressive playlist and inspiring this post.

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