Radiohead.Fake Plastic Trees

The First Radiohead Song I Honestly Fell In Love With…
…CREEP Was More Of A Lust/Want Type Of Thing. This One Was Sweet Sweet Lovin’!

Cave of Fame

I do have a few Ska songs racked up and ready to go but that post will have to wait as I find myself in the depths of a Radiohead mood. I wouldn’t call it sadness- more like a mixture of isolation mixed with a good dose of reality and extreme tiredness. You shake these ingredients together while some post-apocalyptic vision dances slowly across your brain and it’s time for those creepy boys from Oxfordshire-They are like the patron saints of wallowing self-reflection (wonder if I can get a mini plastic version of them to place on the dash of my beat-up Oldsmobile?) So enjoy and I feel better already.

And thanks to for placing this gem on their manic/depressive playlist and inspiring this post.

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“You Cannot Play With The Animal In You Without Becoming Wholly Animal…”

“…Play With Falsehood Without Forfeiting Your  Right To Truth, Play With Cruelty Without Losing Your Sensitivity Of Mind. He Who Wants To Keep His Garden Tidy Doesnt Reserve A Plot For Weeds.”


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