The Song Stuck In My Head: “DAMAGED PEOPLE” by DEPECHE MODE (2005)

Depeche_Mode_Playing_the_Angel (via Wikipedia)


.. ..

… … …

Were Damaged People

Drawn Together

By Subtleties That We Are Not Aware Of…”

“…Disturbed Souls

Playing Out Forever

These Games The We Once Thought We Would Be Scared Of…”

“…When Youre In My Arms

The World Makes Sense

There Is No Pretense

And Youre Crying

When Youre By My Side

There Is No Defense

I Forget To Sense

Im Dying…”

“…Were Damaged People

Praying For Something

That Doesnt Come From Somewhere Deep Inside Us…”

“…Depraved Souls

Trusting In The One Thing

The One Thing That This Life Has Not Denied Us…”

…. …. …. ….

Depeche Mode (2006) (via Wikipedia)

… … …

.. ..




…Is A Truly Skipped-Over AND Underrated Jam, My Peeps.

Truly AND Honestly.

It’s Very Odd.

It’s Very Quirky.

It’s Dark AND Brooding.

Yet, All The While, It Remains A Beautiful Song.


This Is Actually One Of My Favorite Songs From The Album “PLAYING THE ANGEL“…

…An Album Jammed With Favorites.

PLAYING THE ANGEL” Was Released In 2005, With Most Reviews Saying This Particular Song Was One Of The Drags Of The Album.

People Just Didn’t Warm-Up-To-It Like I Sincerely Felt They Should.


I Loved The Entire Album, Including Theย  Song “DAMAGED PEOPLE“, And I’m Quite Unsure Just How Many Times I’ve Listened To It.

It’s A Song That Gets My Brain AND Heart Churning AND Burning Overtime.

At This Moment, This Song Is Locked Into My Mind.

I’ve Been Listening To It The Bulk Of The Morning, And That Sincerely Prompted This Post.

Honestly, I’m Not So Sure What To Say.

I Have Something Written On Paper, But I’m Slowly Realizing I Don’t Really Think I Should Say To Y’all Everything It Actually Says.

I Think I Made It TOOOOOO Personal.

Just Know This, My Peeps…

…I’m Dedicating This Post To Someone.

The Other Inspiration For This Bloggin’ing.


Everyone, Whom Works In A Creative Field, MUST Have A SPARK.


A Muse, If You Will.

Something/Someone That Inspires You.

Something/Someone That Makes You Want To Work.

Something/Someone That Brings You Great Joy In Life.

I Have One.

You (likely) Have One.

So, Tell Me, My Peeps…




Please Let Me Know, My Peeps.

To Say I’m Curious Is An Epic Understatement.

I Want To Know What Makes You Feel Like Doing This Kind Of Thing, Or Any Kind Of Thing, Regardless Of What It Is.

I Know What Makes Me Happy.

I Know What Makes Me Sad.

I Know What Inspires Me.

I Know What Makes Me Keep Coming Back For More.

So, What Does It For YOU, My Peeps???


Anything At All???





So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

7 responses to “The Song Stuck In My Head: “DAMAGED PEOPLE” by DEPECHE MODE (2005)

  1. What the hell doesn’t inspire me? It could be a word, thought, photo, touch, feeling, or something shiny. Friends, loved ones, children, husband, or song. I find words and inspiration in just about everything. Even you…..


    • I Inspire You???
      How The Hell Did I Manage That???
      I Can’t Even Seem To Inspire Myself hahaha
      I Need Outside Elements, As You Do.
      I Find It All Over The Place, Honestly, But Today It Was This Song, And The Spark. You Already Know Who He Is, But Nevertheless, Because Of The Ups And Downs And Everything In-Between, I’m Left Feeling A Bit Odd.
      I Feel Happy AND Sad.
      Confident AND Afraid.
      Useful AND Useless.
      It’s Just A Crazy Mess Of A Mix Going On Inside Me, Right Now.
      BUT, I Love It.
      And I Love That It Makes Me Want To Write.
      So, Oddly, It’s Allllllll Goooooood. ๐Ÿ˜‰
      Love Ya, Dearest!
      Hope I Continue To Inspire (even though I don’t know how the hell I’m doing it)!!! hehehe


      • Sweetheart, that Spark you speak of, we all feel that way about them. We are passionate over-thinkers. We are driven crazy, but then reassured. The love of a good Spark is a double-edged sword for us. We want that love, but when we get it, we’re so afraid to lose it.

        You inspire me often. With your intense need to love and be loved. That’s all I wish for you my sweet. That’s all I wish for you….

        Love, Renee


  2. And now I’ve got it running through my head, too.

    Bro, you gonna see ’em on this next tour? You should–they’ll undoubtedly be coming to one of the ginormous cow-towns within half a day’s driving distance from you.

    I haven’t quite decided where I’m gonna see ’em yet, but I definitely want to see ’em on this tour.

    Seriously, while Fletch will live to be a ripe old age, Gore & Gahan won’t be around forever.


    • They’re Actually Coming To Chicago For The First Time In Forever.
      It’s A 6-Hour-Drive, But I’d Be Willing To Make The Trek If I Could Get Tickets.
      Sadly, I’m Broker Than Mr. Broke Brokerson Of Broke-Town, B.F.E.
      So I Don’t Know If I’ll Be Able To Work-It-Out, Broseph. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ
      I Wanna Go Soooooooooooooooooooooo Bad!!!
      And You’re Right, Fletch Will Likely Live Forever. Martin, Well, He Won’t. And Dave?!?! Holy Shit No. He’ll Likely Be The First To Go. And Then It’ll All Be Over. :*(


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