“…And Now Was Acknowledged The Presence Of The Red Death…”

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

…He Had Come Like A Thief In The Night. And One By One Dropped The Revelers In The Blood-Bedewed Halls Of Their Revel, And Died Each In The Despairing Posture Of His Fall…

…And The Life Of The Ebony Clock Went Out With That Of The Last Of The Gay. And The Flames Of The Tripods  Expired. And Darkness And Decay And The Red Death Held Illimitable Dominion Over All.



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The Best Actors Over the Age of 65 – Take Two.

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The Movie Universe

A couple of days ago I posted The Best Actors Over the Age of 65. It was a list that put together eight of the most talented older actors still working in movies together. However, there were a few people that I didn’t have room for. A lot of wonderful readers reacted positively and wanted a sequel so I thought… if it’s good enough for Hollywood, then it’s good enough for me! Here comes the second part…

Michael Douglas – Born: 25th September, 1944 – 68 years old.

Douglas appeared to slow down in terms of his acting at the turn of the 21st century but in the past twelve months and in the coming year he looks to be speeding up once more. Most famously known for his role as Gordon Gekko in Wall Street, a role he recently took on again for the sequel Wall Street:…

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