Star Trek II: The Wrath of Khan (Sci-fi Movie Week) [Review by Andy]

It’s Only The Greatest TREK Flick Ever!!! An Excellent Review, Fo SHO!!! 😀

The Bishop Review


The Bishop Review was lucky enough to have Andy from Rorschach Reviews return and show us The Wrath of Khan. Once again, Andy took the time and wrote a fantastic review. With a new Star Trek out soon, it’s always nice to look back, and that’s exactly what a Wrath of Khan review does. I hope you enjoy, and be sure to check out Rorschach Reviews. 

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“…God Have Mercy On The Man Who Doubts What He’s Sure Of.” –BRUCE SPRINGSTEEN (from his “Brilliant Disguise” (1987))

I Was Sitting Here In The Darkness, Listening To This Song (among others) And Had Forgotten I’d Written This Piece. It’s On Of My More Personally Important Posts, And It Just So Happens To Have Been A Friday Posting. Sooooooooo, Why Not Give It Some Love And Reblog It? Good Call, Bradley, Good Call. 😉
Hope Y’all Have A Wonderful Friday, And An Even More Wonderful Weekend! I’ll Be Writing Y’all Some More Very VERY Soon!
Much Love To You, My Peeps. Much Love Indeed.

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"




Well, My Peeps…

…Bradley Was Taken-To-Task, Tonight.

He Was Coldly (yet thoughtfully) Reminded He’s Not Making The Progress He Should Be On His “Non-Blog” Creative-Writing Endeavors.

And Ya Know Something, Kiddies, He’s Very VERY Correct.

I’m Not Making The Progress I Should Be.

I’ve Let My Emotions Overload My Better Judgment…


I’ve Spent Most Of My Time So Worried And Focused On Other Things I’ve Not Really Spent The Time I Should Be Spending On My More Pressing Projects.

In Short…

…I’ve Been SLACKING.

That’s The Only Way To Explain It.

I’ve. Been. SLACKING.


No One Will Ever Take Me Seriously Until I Have Something To Show For My Efforts.

Will They?


Probably Not.

Until It’s A Reality, It’s Just A Dream.



So I’m Throwing Myself Into My Work, Again.

It Really Would Make Me Feel Like A Fraud If I Never…

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