I Do Love Me Some ELVIS, And Hearing This Song Just Now Made Me Really Wanna Pop On A Few Of His Jams. I’m Now Listening To His Version Of “MY WAY” Which Is By FAR The Best Cover Of The Song… …Like, EVER!!! ;D
Great Find From slicethelife, Fo SHO!


Elvis Presley’s cover of The Beatles “Yesterday.”


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    • A-greed, Fo SHO.
      I’ve Always Been A Big Elvis Fan, And It Was Always Because Of How Soulful His Voice Was When He Sang.
      Songs Don’t Usually Get To Me On Emotional Levels, Save From A Few Artists.
      Depeche Mode, Roy Orbison, and Elvis Make Up A HUGE Part Of That Pantheon Of Emotion-Evoking Artists.
      Love ‘Em!!!


      • Elvis sang the Ray Peterson song Wonder of You better than Ray, not to say Ray wasn’t a good singer. Roy Orbison barely moved when he sang, but still sang with so much emotion, that it didn’t matter. While Elvis was gyrating on the stage, Roy was more like a statue.


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