I Remain Conscious, Even While Dreaming In My Sleep.

—At Least, I’m Pretty Sure I Do.  It Feels Like I Do.  When I Wake-Up Wake-Up, I’m Exhausted. Regardless Of How Long I’ve Laid There, I’m Exhausted.

It Doesn’t Make Sense.

I Remember My Dreams… …All Of My Dreams.

My Dreams Are (put mildly) Simply Fu*ked-Up.


They’re Wild.

They’re Vivid.

They’re Crazy.

They’re Awesome.

They’re Dangerous.

They’re Beautiful.

They’re Horrid.

They’re Amazing.

They’re Disturbing.

All At The Same Time.

If Our Dreams Are A Reflection Of Ourselves, Our True Selves, Then I Sincerely Haven’t A Clue As To What To Say Next.

Perhaps I Sincerely Shouldn’t Have A Clue As To What To Say Next.

I Already Feel Like An “Odd Duck” In Many MANY Ways, So I Just Hope That, In This Instance, I’m No More Odd Than The Rest Of You.

Dreams Are A Very Funny Thing, My Peeps.

Sometimes, I Wish They’d Come True.

Sometimes, I Pray They Don’t Come True.

Sometimes, I Know They’re Going To Come True Whether I Want Them To Or Not.

Sometimes, Sometimes, Sometimes.


Let The Day Begin, Already.

Time, Brother, You’re Holding Me Up.

I’ve A Place To Go…

…A Person To See…

…A Life To Live.

Right, Kids?!


So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

4 responses to “I Remain Conscious, Even While Dreaming In My Sleep.

  1. Dreams…I have had a couple that are so perfect–it hurts in real time to leave them in the land of Nod. And one stand-out fearsome one like no other. Over decades ago now, but it scares me to my bones still.

    BUT!! I have dreamed of heaven, Brad. There is a beach there! And this is for sure, because I have been there several times. There are people there with dreadlocks…

    Does that happen to you? You go back to Dreamscapes?

    I get night terrors sometimes. More than nightmares.

    420 helps!! 😉


  2. I sometimes remember my dreams and most of the time they’re pretty weird. I remember when I was a kid I had a recurring nightmare where I was chased by a giant bee.


  3. Your dreams sound like my dreams. Mine are vivid, Technicolor, sometimes they run on from night to night and unfortunately for the most part they are terrible – blood and death and fields of fire and yeah, I’m not fond of sleep at all.


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