“Your Representative Owes You, Not His Industry Only, But His Judgment…”

“…And He Betrays You, Instead Of Serving You, If He Sacrifices It To Your Opinion.”


edmund-burke (via harpers.org)-((17291797))-







*** ***


Honestly, I Think This Quote Applies To What We’re Doing Right Now With Our Blogging.

We Are The Representatives.

We Owe Everything To Our Readers.

Without Them, We Would Have No Industry.

And We Owe Them Our Judgment At All Times.

We All Have Our Own Style.

We All Are Open To Hearing Opinions.

But, We Wouldn’t Be What We Are If We Constantly Changed What We Do At The Whim Of Our Readers.

To Me, This Quote Makes A Ton Of Sense When Looked At In This Manner.


Am I Right?!?!?

I Think Im Right!!!!!

😉       😀

4 responses to ““Your Representative Owes You, Not His Industry Only, But His Judgment…”

  1. discretion is the better part of valor, but that falderal aside–yes. To tell people what they want to hear is not a help to them at all.

    On the flip side: Honest critique doesn’t stand up in cyber space. I think because so many other factors are not present in interactions: vocal inflection, eye contact, physical touch, body language—without these qualifiers, any critical speech tends to come across as (a) mean–and (b) unappreciated and (c) somewhat grandiose.

    It’s been my experience–in life as well as the web, but more so here because of those missing factors–when a person asks for an honest opinion, they very rarely want it. I have absolutely lost friends that way, and to what avail? Only my time and expended mental energy…


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