I Decided To Kick-It-Back-A-Bit Today And Watch Some Of My Favorite Movies. I Already Watched A Personal Favorite, “LICENCE TO KILL”, And NOW I’m Watching “DAS BOOT” !!!
So Why Not Give This Amazing Flick The Reblog Treatment?!
EXACTLY!!! Why Not, Indeed!!!

"You Jivin' Me, Turkey?"

So, My Peeps…

…Just What Is My All-Time-Favorite FOREIGN LANGUAGE FILM??


…That’s Actually A Rather Easy Choice.

While I’ve Seen Dozens And Dozens Of Foreign Language Flicks In My Day…

…Not One Has Had An Impact On My Life/World More Than…



…Directed By…


…And Starring…


!!! !!! !!!


Thus Far…


…Is (in my opinion) The Crown Jewel Of My Blu-ray Collection.

This DIRECTOR’S CUT Is Simply…




The Visuals Are So Amazingly Clear.

The Sound Quality Is Second To None.

You Sincerely FEEL Like You’re A Member Of The Crew.

The Blu-ray Transfer Is So Crisp.

You See Everything…

…From The Trickles Of Water Seeping In…

…To The Bolts In Walls.

You See Everything…

…And That’s Just The Power Of The Blu-ray.

The Film Itself Is The Very BEST Of…

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Sorry, Kiddies, But This One Is Simply Toooo Cheese-Tastic To Pass-Up!!! Thanks To Ms. Kalyn For Bringing “BIG ASS SPIDER” To Our Attention!!! I Can’t Wait To See This!!!
I’m Thinking “KING KONG” Only With A Spider Instead Of A Gorilla!!!

Killer Kalyn


Big Ass Spider, formerly known as Megaspider, has been selected to be shown at the 2013 SXSW festival in Austin, Texas. In the movie, a giant spider escapes from a military lab and terrorizes the city of Los Angeles. Check out the trailer below!

Directed by Mike Mendez, the cast for this film includes: Lloyd Kaufman, Clare Kramer, Lin Shaye, Ray Wise, Lombardo Boyar, Patrick Bauchau, Greg Grunberg, Alexis Peters, Ruben Pla, Dana Davison, Bobby C. King, Jennifer Gonzalez, Mary Czerwinski, Sarah Oliver, and James C. Mathis III.

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“Your Representative Owes You, Not His Industry Only, But His Judgment…”

“…And He Betrays You, Instead Of Serving You, If He Sacrifices It To Your Opinion.”


edmund-burke (via harpers.org)-((17291797))-







*** ***


Honestly, I Think This Quote Applies To What We’re Doing Right Now With Our Blogging.

We Are The Representatives.

We Owe Everything To Our Readers.

Without Them, We Would Have No Industry.

And We Owe Them Our Judgment At All Times.

We All Have Our Own Style.

We All Are Open To Hearing Opinions.

But, We Wouldn’t Be What We Are If We Constantly Changed What We Do At The Whim Of Our Readers.

To Me, This Quote Makes A Ton Of Sense When Looked At In This Manner.


Am I Right?!?!?

I Think Im Right!!!!!

😉       😀