…My Piece On “FORGIVENESS” Went Over Very Well.

Very VERY Well, Actually.

For That, I Thank Y’all.

I’ll Tell Y’all, It Was Exceptionally Honest.

Those, “Writing Because I Simply MUST MUST MUST” MomentsΒ  Seem To Be The Pieces That Do The Best.

((((Read "BEST" In This Context: Your Comments That Are Very Constructive.))))

Those Where I Just Lay It On The Line And Go For It.

My Intention Was To Talk, Briefly, About Somethin’ Happenin’ In My Life.

I Never, In My Wildest Dreams, Expected It To Go Over As It Did.

But, It Did.

It Went Over Amazingly Well.

I Don’t Know If It Was The Honesty Of The Writing…

…The Pain…

…The Anguish…

…The Heartfelt Sincerity…



All I Know Is That Y’all Seemed To Like It For Some Reason.

Period On That.


I Wanted Y’all To Know It Did Not Go Unnoticed.

The Question Is, How To Follow-It-Up?

For That, I Haven’t The Foggiest.

I’ve Thought AND Thought.

Much To My Dismay…

…I’ve Come-Up With Nothing Viable.

The “FORGIVENESS” Piece Took A Lot Out Of Me.

I Wasn’t Right The Whole Rest Of The Day.

But, It Was Tried, True, Honest.

I Simply Don’t Know Where To Go From Here.

I Want To Write.

I Need To Write.

But, What To Write?

I Just Don’t Know.

I Could Carry On.

I Could Keep It Going.

But, What Would I Say?

I Will Say I Spent All Of Yesterday Struggling To Move.



…The Whole Shebang.

I Could Hardly Move.

And, When I Did Move, It Was Herky Jerky.

My Speech Was Slurred.

My Motion Was Funky.

I Just Don’t Know What Was Up.

I Told Y’all I Was Forgiven For A Grave Personal Injustice.

THAT Was Totally Unexpected.

I Never Saw It Coming.

Then Again, That’s The Whole Point Of Unexpected.

It Takes A Better Man Than Myself, That’s Fo SHO, To Do That To Me.

I Would Have Never Have Done It.

I Would Have Carried It With Me Forever.

I Would Have Been Hateful.

I Would Have Been Resentful.

I Would Have Been So Full Of Disgust.

I Would Have NEVER Have Forgiven Me.

I Felt I Deserved The Worst Of It.

I Felt I Deserved The Cold-Shoulder AND Both-Barrels.

I Haven’t The Foggiest.

Was It His Showing Me That “He’s The Better Man”?

Or, Was It His Showing Me “He’d Actually Moved On”?

Was It His Showing Me “He’d Truly, Truly Forgiven What I’d Done”?

Honestly, Don’t Know.

I Just Know It Happened.

I’m Just Having Little, To No, Success Fathoming It.

Ya Know Something…

…I’m Going To End This Here.

It Feels More Like A Ramble Than A Blog Post.

I Don’t Want That.

If I’m Going To Post Then Let Me Post.

Not Ramble.


So I’ll Say, Good Morning…

…Or Goodnight…

…Whichever It Is For You.

Hopefully, By The Next Time Around, You’ll Know If I’m Just Rambling Or Posting.

I Know…

…Most Of My Posts Are Rambles.

My Bad.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

15 responses to “Unexpectedly…

  1. It seems like you’re punishing yourself since he didn’t. I don’t know the solution, but I hope you find it. For sure writing will help no matter what. It helps you understand yourself and motivations, I think.


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