You Crazy Kids Just Have To Check This Out, Fo SHO.
Thanks To Mr. Bizzam, We Can Now All Relish In This One hahahaha
What A Find, What A Find hahahaha
My Hat’s Off To Ya, Sir!!! 😀


As American citizens, we have the Constitutional right to petition our government, and thanks to the the internet it is easier than ever to do.  Well, one petitioner decided to petition the US government to build a Death Star by the year 2016.  The great thing about the petitions is that once they reach a certain number of signatures, the White House has to respond.  And this petition reached the signatures, and here we have the response from the White House.  And this is pure gold.  Have a look at the released document below.  It is pretty great.


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  1. What the heck!!!??? What’s another 850 quadrillion dollars when the government is spending our tax dollars into the trillions in deficit? I don’t think I understand the decision. Isn’t this a tax and spend president? Doesn’t the Death Star present valuable, multi-dimensional capabilities and benefits? Ok, now that Disney World owns the Star Wars franchise, I expect they will have the money and motivation to take this project on and see it to fruition. Heck, they made a miniature Death Star-like sphere as the iconic emblem at EPCOT in Florida. I don’t see this as the end of this, it is only the beginning.


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