Which Of The Following Flicks, Originally Presented To Me, Would YOU Have Picked To Watch NEXT???…



(2ND)  “D.O.A.”



The Third Man






The Matrix


Boogie Nights



(9TH)  “SAW


(10TH)  “SAW III



The Last Starfighter


The Wolfman


Das Boot

… … … … … … …And I Chose… … … … … … …



😀      😀       😀

Somehow, Though, I Was Overruled With The Old Line Of…

"Dammit, I Am NOT Watching "DARKMAN" Again And Then AGAIN!"

To Which My Reply Was…

"At Least I'm Not Saying "KRULL" But Fine. Uh. "D.O.A." Or "DAS BOOT"???"

And So…

…I’m Knocking-Out The Latter As I Type This.

And I WILL Squeeze In “DARKMAN” Again At Some Point, I Totally Swear!!!

If YOU Had To Choose Between The 13 (THIRTEEN) Flicks Above…

…Which Would You Choose?

You May Pick More Than One If You Have The Time To Watch It.

I Don’t Want To Know Which Is Your Fave, Nor Which Is The Best, Though I Wouldn’t Turn Down Those Answers.

I Do Want To Know What You’d Feel Up To Watching Right This Very Second.


😀     😀

But Seriously…

…If You HAD TO HAD TO HAD TO Pick A Flick To Watch RIGHT NOW…

…Which Of Those Listed Above Would YOU Have Picked?!?!

??? ????? ??? ????? ???


If I Have The Time Later On This Evening, I’m So Going To Squeeze-In…


The Last Starfighter

!!! !!!!! !!! !!!!! !!!


19 responses to “Which Of The Following Flicks, Originally Presented To Me, Would YOU Have Picked To Watch NEXT???…

  1. If I had to choose right now, I’d choose “D.O.A.” I always thought this was an underrated film. Then I would watch, “The Third Man.” Can’t go wrong with Orson Welles. Actually, I guess you can, but that’s a fine flick.


    • I Have “D.O.A.” Sitting Right Here Next To Me.
      So I Know I’ll Have It Watched Soon Enough hehehe
      And Yeah, I Love Orson.
      “The Third Man” Was The 2ND Criterion DVD I Ever Owned.
      I Remember Because I Bought It The Same Day As The Day I Bought My 1ST One.
      The Director’s Cut Of “RoboCop” Was 1ST.
      Hope You’re Doin’ Swell, Mr. Bill.
      Take It Easy, Dude.


  2. Psycho caught my eye, though I don’t know if that’s because it was first and so well known–but I have to go with: D.O.A. ,,being a big Meg Ryan fan, and a chick, besides. (I am seriously pleased to know the title! I’ll have to Netflix this one, too!)


    • Both “PSYCHO” and “D.O.A.” Are Excellent Flicks. “D.O.A.” Is Vastly Underrated. And “PSYCHO” Is The Granddaddy Of The Slasher Genera hehehe Tough Choice, To Be Sure!!!


  3. Put me down for DOA. Yeah, Psycho is a great movie, and I enjoyed Darkman. Boogie Nights was overrated and overlong, but it wasn’t bad. Das Boot is a classic (and there’s a great Das Boot joke in the movie Beerfest, spoken by Pronchnow himself–nobody else in the theater got it, though, so I looked like an idiot). Rambo was pretty good, and the Thin Man is supposed to be awesome. I remember liking “Starfighter” when I saw it ages ago. I didn’t care for the Matrix, and loathed the first Saw movie, the only one I’ve ever seen.

    But DOA holds a very, very, very special place in my heart. I can’t remember a fucking thing about the movie EXCEPT the part where nerdy Dennis Quaid explains the difference between “imply” and “infer.”
    “Infer this!”
    It’s been a quarter of a century now since I’ve seen that flick, but I’ve never forgotten that very valuable grammar lesson.


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