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Funny How That Works, Sometimes.
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Promethean Times

By Smaktakula

Like so much of the English language, ‘Gay’ has a variety of connotations.  Here are the three most common definitions, told with pictures rather than words.

1) Oldest Definition.

Generally considered archaic.

Ex:The joys of the Christmas season left everyone feeling quite gay.


2) Contemporary definition.

Not just happy–Fabulous.

Ex:Evan’s not very good at sports because he’s gay.*





   3) Pejorative Definition.

Most recent variant, circa 1980s.

Ex:He’s got a tattoo of a Camaro on his back, and it’s super-fucking gay.


Some rare and wondrous creatures manage to embody all three definitions simultaneously:


*A note to potentially offended readers: It should be obvious that any implication that gay people make poor athletes is intended for humorous purposes, and does not reflect the actual opinions of Promethean Times.  In fact there have been many outstanding homosexual athletes…

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