Actually, I’m Just Super Stoked About Seeing Elijah Wood Tackle This Little Project. If It Plays Out Like The Trailers And Such Show, MANIAC Should Be Movie GOLD!!!
I’m VERY Ready For It!!!
Are YOU?!?!?!


Maniac posterHere we have the first 6 minutes of the new film Maniac, starring Elijah Wood.  This film was written and produced by Alexandre Aja, the director of the wonderful High Tension and The Hills Have Eyes remake.  He also directed Mirrors, which I found to be a terrifying film.

Maniac is a remake of the 1980 William Lustig original, which I cannot claim to have seen.

Have a look at the wonderful first 6 minutes.  This small sample of the film has me salivating for more.  What do you think?

Also, it seems I may have forgot to post the original trailer for this film.  I have included it below.  I am so looking forward to this film . . .Be warned, this is highly NSFW or for the squeamish . . .

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