DEPECHE MODE… …Strikes Again… “IT’S NO GOOD” (1997)

I’m Gonna Take My Time

I Have All The Time In The World

To Make You Mine

It Is Written In The Stars Above

The Gods Decree

You’ll Be Right Here By My Side

Right Next To Me

You Can Run, But You Cannot Hide. …”

… …

Ultra - Depeche Mode (via

IT’S NO GOODWas THE SONG From The Hit Album ULTRA, Released In 1997, By International Supergroup DEPECHE MODE !!!

… …

“…Don’t Say You Want Me

Don’t Say You Need Me

Don’t Say You Love Me

It’s Understood

Don’t Say You’re Happy

Out There Without Me

I Know You Can’t Be

‘Cause IT’S NO GOOD. …”

.. … … … ..

. .. .. .. .


…This Is The Point Were I Swoop.

I Swoop In And Use My Powers To Tackle A Song And Make It My Own In A Very Minor Way.

I Figured Now Would Be Perfect For This Amazingly Wonderful Jam…



It’s A Personal Favorite, Hands Down And FO SHO, My Peeps

I Hope You Dig The Jive Of  This One.

You Already Know I DO!!!

😀       :O      😀



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