The Longer I’m Awake… …The Worse It Gets.

I Don’t Know What To Do.

The Weakness Grows Worse.

I Can Barely Move At All.

My Hands Continue To Hit The Wrong Keys.

My Legs Continue To Propel Me Into The Walls.

I Just Don’t Get It.

It’s Been Going On For 2 Days.

And It Appears To Be Getting Worse.

I Feel Useless.

I Feel Sick.

I Feel As Though My Personal Purpose Isn’t Being Fulfilled.

I Have Work To Do.

I Have Writings To Write.

I Have Bloggin’ings To Blog.

I’m Supposed To Be Spending Time With A Friend, Which…


…Is Falling Further And Further Away From Me.

I Can’t Drive.


…I Can Barely Walk.

My Hands Continue To Jerk Away.

They Have A Tremble To Them Unlike Anything I’ve Ever Existed.


…I Am NOT Going To The Doctor.

I Know This Is A Temporary Thing.

I Hope This Is A Temporary Thing.

If It’s Not…

…My Days As A Blogger May Be Over.

You Wouldn’t Believe How Long It Took Me To Type This Up.

With Only Just Using A 2-Finger-yping…

…Playing Hunt-And-Peck Just Isn’t Cutting It.

It’s Killing Me.

I Haven’t Played Hunt-And-Peck Since, Forever.

Something I Haven’t Done Since The Mid-1990s.

I Hate This.

I Wanna Be Normal, Again.

I Wanna Feel Healthy.

I Want Full-Range Of Motion, Again.

This Is Bullshit.

This Link Will Tell You What’s Up.

The Rest Is All On Me.


Right Now.

What I’ll Do Next Is Anyone’s Guess.

I Just Wanna Walk Again.

I Just Wanna Feel Again.

I Just Wanna Use My Goddamn Hands Like A Normal Person.

No Jerking.

No Twitching.

No Major Mistakes.

No Flippin’ Nothin’!!!

I Just Wanna Be The Me I Always Way.

I May Have Hated That Person…

…But At Least He, In Some Way, FUNCTIONED.

I Shall Digress For Now.

My 2 Fingers Are Tired.

I Need A Nap.


…They Need A Rest.

Until Then…

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

8 responses to “The Longer I’m Awake… …The Worse It Gets.

  1. Damn that sounds really infuriating but please don’t stop blogging, would be a big gap in blogosphere without you. I truly wish that whatever you got will pass quickly…


  2. No, my love I don’t know what that is… Perhaps, just perhaps you may need to go to one of those errrrr, doctors..! I hate to say it, Brad however, sometimes it is necessary… I sure hope you feel better soon… xoxoxo


  3. I think you know that when I sometimes “LIKE” a post but don’t leave a comment, it doesn’t mean I like the thing you’re going through, but that I like the fact that you’re facing it.

    Hope you feel better, Bro.


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