I Do So Enjoy Being Proud Of Myself…

…But Not Because I’m (truly)Proud Of Myself.

I’m Proud Of The Fact I Didn’t F*uck-Something-Up…


This Is What I Can Do:

I’m A Constant Tinkerer-er In Regard To Most Things, Especially IF I’m Interested In It.

But, I Like Understanding The Main Questions One Should Always Ask…

…Especially Those That Yield The Most Answers To my Quarry…

…Or, Are Likely To Yield.







If I Get Those Things, I’m Generally Content.

But, Sometimes  Getting Them All Just Isn’t Enough.

I’m Proud Of Myself For (almost) Being Careful (to a point), (almost) Being Optimistic (though not really), (almost) Open (either to greatness, or to a fault, whichever comes), And (almost) Able To Function. Life Doesn’t Come With A Manual, But You Already Know That. I Just Sincerely Wish There Really Was Something (something at all).

I Do Not “Get” (read as “understand”) Things Faith Based…

…But, I Do Get Those That Are Reality Based.

I Accept REALITY Over FAITH Any Moment Of Any Day.

From What I’ve Seen/Done In Life…

…I Honestly Don’t Care What The Situation Is.

I Care About What I Care About.

I Care About My Peeps, Myself, And Other People’s Approval Of Me.

Not Acceptance.


There IS A Difference.

All Of What I Talk About Is MY Personal Anguish And Joy.

How I’m Feeling.

How I Got Hurt.

How I Made Myself Suffer.

How I Made Someone Else Suffer.

How I Truly Look-At/Consider Topics, And And Certain Things.

I’m Not Sheltered.

I’m Rather Worldly.

I’ve Been All Over The World, As A Matter Of Fact.

And It’s Taught Me That You CANNOT Always Put Yourself “Out There” So So SO Much.


My Head Hurts.

My Eyes Hurt.

I Think It Could Be Bedtime.

Or, It’s Very Close At-Hand.


And Now…

…I Leave You All With The Song That’s Been Playing In My Ear For Nearly 30-Minutes…

BILLY JOEL‘s Exceptionally Fun Jam “KEEPING THE FAITH” From (1983)

Sleep Sweet, My Peeps.

We ALL Deserve It.

So We’re Going To Get It.

Damn Skippy?



😐       😉      😐

4 responses to “I Do So Enjoy Being Proud Of Myself…

    • hehehe Thank You, Ms. Jaz!
      This Was A Fun Little Number That Almost Didn’t Happen.
      So I’m Glad it Gets Your Stamp Of Approval.
      It Would Be Nice To Get The Approval, In Words, From Other Peeps…
      …But The Fact You’re The Lone Wolf Here, I’ll Just Say THANK YOU THANK YOU, Dearest. ‘Tis Much MUCH Appreciated! 😀


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