…This Is A Spontaneous Post.

I Just Finished Watching…


The_Amazing_Spider-Man_theatrical_poster (via Wikipedia)


…And I Have To Say, It Really Was NOT So Amazing.

I Was Bored To NEAR Tears.

I Ain’t Shittin’ Y’all, Neither.

It Was Worse Than I Expected.

And I Really Wasn’t Expecting Much In The First Place.

I Felt Drained When It Was Over, But THEN Perked Right-On-Up When The Credits Started Rolling.

The Special F/X Were Great.

I Had Fun Watching Those.

But The Rest Of The Film Was Just Boring.

The Rest Really Kinda Did’ish Did Blow A Bit.

No Foolies, My Peeps.

Bored To NEAR Tears.

That Lizard Dude Was Cool.

The Guy Playing Spider-Man Was All Wrong.

I’d Take Him To Dinner…

…But I Wouldn’t Cast Him As Peter Parker.


Just Sayin’…


…This Time Around…

…A Fan, I Am Not.

At Least, Not Yet.

Perhaps They Will Make Me One With



They WILL TRY, I’m Sure.


πŸ˜€Β Β Β Β Β Β  πŸ˜€Β Β Β Β Β Β  πŸ˜€

8 responses to ““THE AMAZING SPIDER-MAN” …That Wasn’t. :(

  1. I liked the lead, well a lot better than the older SM trilogy that’s for sure. It seems directors have been having a hard time with SM and making a good live action out of it since the 70s. Maybe it just won’t work?


    • Exactly.
      Thus Far, I’m Rollin’ With Sam Raimi’s First Spide-Man Over This New First Spider-Man. hehehe
      I Wanted To Slap This Peter Parker Upside The Head At Times And Tell Him To Just Stop Talking. hehehe


    • Like I Said, I’d Take The Guy Out On A Date, But I Wouldn’t Think Of Him As Peter Parker. The Dude Playing Him Is Like, A Model, Or Something, NOT A Very Good Peter Parker.
      So I Dunno.
      Just Seemed Boring.
      Boring’s Boring.
      But YOU Are Correct. To Each Their Own.
      It Makes For Quality Comments All Around.
      I Enjoy A Little Banter. πŸ˜‰


  2. Been a Spider-man fan since I was like 5 and all I am asking for is 1 really good film about him, but that still hasn’t happened. This movie started out alright, but just got worse. The Lizard spoke like Voldemort, Peter took his mask of way too much and by the end I found myself just praying for the pain to end.


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