I Want To Write… …I Need To Write.

I Feel Most Comfortable With My Pen In My Hand…

…And Plenty Of Paper To Write Upon.

I Like To Type-Up My Work, Sure, But I Sincerely Prefer Putting Pen To Paper.

I’m More Comfortable That Way.

My Handwriting Is Unique Enough That Only I Totally Understand It All.

So It Feels So Much More Personal To Me.

Are You Like That?

Is Anyone Like That?


How Many Of You Are Far More Comfortable That Way?

I Think Better That Way.

I Can More Completely Construct My Thoughts.

I Think I’ve Just Lost My Focus.

I’ve Lost My Drive.

My Determination.

My Personal Purpose.

I Write Sometimes Just For The Sake Of Writing.

I Write Sometimes Because I Sincerely Have Something To Say.

Sometimes, It’s Meaningless.

Sometimes, It Means Everything.

Sometimes, I Pray That Someone Will Read What I Write.

Sometimes, I Don’t Give A Shit If Anyone Reads Any Of It.

Sometimes, It’s All For You.

Sometimes, It’s All For Me.

Sometimes, It’s All For Us.

And Sometimes, I Just Don’t Know Who/What I’m Writing For At All.

Do You?

No, Of Course Not.

You’re Not Me.

How Could You Know Why I Do As I Do?


Everyone’s Different.

Everyone Does Everything For A Different Reason.



…Sometimes We All Do As We Do For The Exact Same Reason.

I Acknowledge That.

But For The Most Part…

…We’re All Doing What We’re Doing For Our Own Reasons.

I Just Wish I Could Get My Thoughts Straight.

I Wish I Could Stop Thinking In Seemingly Endless Circles.

It’s Maddening, Honestly.

But, When It’s All Said And Done, I Come Back To My Writing.

It’s The One Thing I Have That I Can Truly Call My Own.



…My Writing AND My Mistakes.

Both Are My Own.

Perhaps That’s Why I Combine Them So Often.

Nothing Feels More Mine Than Writing About My Mistakes.

I’ve Made Some Whoppers, That’s Fo SHO.

But Everyone Has.

Whoppers Abound, I Know.

When I Make One, I Almost Immediately Break Out The Pen And Paper.

I Try To Put My Thoughts Together.

I Try To Make Sense Of What Happened…

…Of What I Did Wrong THIS TIME.

Sometimes, It Helps Like Nothing Else.

Sometimes, It Only Makes It Worse Once I Realize Exactly Where I Went Wrong.

I’m A Mental And Emotional Dweller.

And Today, I’m Dwelling.

I’m Dwelling HARD.


…I’m Writing.

Trying To Make Sense Of Things.

Thus Far…

…It’s Not Helping.

Not YET, At Least.

Give Me Time.

I’ll Get It All Worked Out.

With Pen In Hand…

…I’ll Get It All Worked Out.

I Hope.

I Hope.

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

9 responses to “I Want To Write… …I Need To Write.

  1. I tend to write pen to paper too. I type up everything later but pen to paper for me is much more honest. And when I feel like you’re feeling now, I write and I write in circles and eventually I can make sense of it all.


  2. I write…however I can. If I’m out running, I memorize. If I’m out walking, I write on scraps of paper–sometimes even grabbing a piece of rubbish off the side of the road to write on (discreetly) and when I am in front of a PC, I type. I just write always….and you know? Your honesty is so good to read, no matter what you write about Brad, and I want you to know that.


  3. I go both ways. Yeah, I said it, and I’ll leave the double-entendre hanging for just a sec before going on to further explanation in the next paragraph.

    I mostly write on the computer. However, I find that writing something out by hand is a great way to start something; I think the exercise loosens something up in the brain.

    I’m not a “high-end item” kinda guy, typically, but if there’s one area in which I fancy a finely-crafted instrument (and yes, I suppose there’s another double-entendre there if your really stretch it) its pens. My two favorite pens are a Visconti roller ball that I picked up in Florence, Italy, and a Waterman fountain pen that my wife got me for my last birthday. They’re wonderful to write with.


  4. I must be lazy, Brad… I’ve come to depend upon my fingers and the keyboard; it’s quicker….
    I can appreciate, though how a good pen can get the brain juices flowing… My partner K loves to write with a good pen (he kinda has a ‘love’ for them).
    Here’s hoping your pen can ‘get things started’ for you. If not, you’ve always got the keyboard and us….! xoxoxo


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