I Still Feel Like Ass…

…Yet Here I Am…

…Giving A Go…

…Trying To Me The Best Out Of A Terrible Situation.

The Past Few Days Have Royally Sucked.

If Anyone Is Looking For A New Fad Diet To Give A Go To…

…Boy Have I Got One For You.

Do Nothing.

Eat Nothing.




And What Happens?


…For Me…

…I Dropped A Total Of 12-Pounds.

Problem Is…

…Everything I Lost Was Muscle Mass.

I Went From 191.5 LBS…

…To 179 LBS Really Quickly.

For Some, That’s A Miracle Diet That Simply Must Be Tried.

For Those Of You Who Know Me…

…Who Know I Take Good Care Of Myself…

…Who Know I Lift Weights On A Regular Basis….

…This Diet Was A Disaster.

I Feel Awful.

I Feel Weak.

I Feel Tired.

I Don’t Feel Like Myself.

Why Am I Telling You This?

Mainly As A Reminder.

Mainly To Illustrate To Y’all Can Happen With Just A Couple Days Of Being Out-Of-Commission.

I Got Sick Thursday.

Thanksgiving Day.

Don’t That Just Figure.

And I’ve Not Been Able To Pull Myself Out Of This Personal Funk, Since.

I’ve Just Laid Around.

I’m Just Rested.

And Yet, It Hasn’t Helped.

At Least…

…It Hasn’t Helped Much.

I’m Still Weak.

I’m Still Tired.

I Continue Going To Be Early (for me).

I Continue Waking-Up Later (for me).

My Whole Day Has Been Thrown-Off.

And There’s Nothing I Can Do About It.

Just Suffer Through It All…

…And Hope I Come-Out Smellin’ Pretty On The Other End.

I’m Just A Horrid Patient.

Always Have Been.

Likely Always Will Be.

I Just Wanted To Say Thank You.

Thank You For All The Kind Words, My Peeps.

I’m Doing What I Can To Get Well, Again.

Doin’ What I Can To Be Back Here With Y’all.

Doin’ Doin’ Doin’.

And Hopefully…

…Someday Soon…

…I’ll Be Back In The Saddle…

…Writing With Reckless-Abandon As I Have Before.

For Now…


…I Think I’m Going To Lay Back Down.

It’s Taken Everything I Have To Write You This Much.

It Doesn’t Seem Like Much…

…But Trust Me It Is.

I Look Forward To The Day Where We Can Jive As Before.



…Is Not That Day.

Perhaps Tomorrow?


11 responses to “I Still Feel Like Ass…

  1. Hang in there, Brad.

    I just ran across a website that might interest you: http://www.script frenzy.org

    They have lots of good stuff for budding writers and a challenge in April – 100 pages in 30 days. It might be down your alley.

    I hope you feel better soon.


  2. My dear Bradley I’m sorry you’ve been so sick. Wish I was there. I’d make you soup and rub your head. Give you sweet kisses too. Keep writing baby. If you can. Sleep too. Mwah!


  3. Must be something going around. I know a couple of people who got sick on Turkey Day, and they were still a bit out of it a few days later.

    Thank you for taking the effort to blog for us [ we appreciate it! πŸ™‚ ] and my best wishes for a speedy recovery!


  4. I hope you feel better soon, Brad. I, too, have the bug–best advice: wrap up in sweats, get under the covers, take some Thera-flu, and sweat it out…PS. your post was as charming as ever, though…not the least bit congested. πŸ™‚


  5. I hope you feel better, man! I never got sick until I had kids. A few months ago my kids caught the flu at The Wiggles (possibly an example of Australian terrorism) and managed to F up the whole family with it.

    Lord knows I could stand to shed a few pounds, but if I ever find myself at 179 pounds, I’ve most likely got a tapeworm.


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