“THE STATION’S PUMP” by Bradley Alan (2003 and 2012) (Rated “R”)

Alright, My Peeps…

…Here’s One For Y’all To Check-Out.

Hope You Dig It.





The Setting: An Older, Rundown Looking Gas-Station/Bait-Shop Out In The Middle Of “Nowhere B.F.E.” (So Pick A Place In North Dakota, South Dakota, Montana, Wyoming, Etc Etc.)

The Characters: There Are TWO (2) In This Scene, “THE MAN” And “THE CLERK“.


–It’s Nearing 10PM–

–A Car Pulls-Up Outside The Station, Next To The Pumps.

A Man Gets Out Of The Car, Looks At The Pumps, Then Looks Over To The Station’s Door And Begins Walking Toward It.

The Man Enters The Rundown Gas-Station/Bait-Shop, And It’s Obvious To The Clerk That The Man Is Very Tense.–


(Calmly, But Not Too Calm)

Would You Help Me With An Issue, Sir, I’d Very Much Appreciate It.


(Curiously And Calmly)

Well, We’ll See Son. What’s Yer Issue?


(A Little Less Calmer Than Before)

I Want To Know If You Have A Gun In This Store. And If You Do, I’d Appreciate Your Giving It To Me.

–Following The Question, The Man Reaches Behind Himself And Slowly Pulls A .45-Pistol From The Back Of His Pants.–


(With A Little More Tension In His Voice)

I Would Gladly Pay For It, Sir. And I Promise Not To Shoot You. I Just Need The Gun.

–The Clerk Stands Frozen.

The Man Continues Talking.–


(A Little More Forceful)

Look, Sir, I Have Someone Chasing Me, And They’ve Got A Lot More Firepower. I Can’t Get Help From The Police Because They Say I Haven’t Got Enough Evidence To Support My Claims, Though I Think Chasing Me With Intent To Kill Me Would Mean I Have SOMETHING! RIGHT?!

–The Clerk Continues To Stare At The Man, All The While Trying Not To Move.–


(Forceful And A Bit More Nervous Sounding)

Just, PLEASE, Give Me Your Gun. You Have My Word I Won’t Shoot. I’ll Even Stop Pointing It, Okay?


(Agitated, But Agreeable)

Okay, Mister, Okay!

–The Clerk Slowly Turns And Then Steps Back Into A Small Parlor. He Slowly Retrieves His 12-Guage Pump-Shotgun.–


(Almost Meekly)

It Ain’t Even Loaded Yet, Mister.

–The Clerk Says This As The Man Is Turning His Pistol Away.

At That Moment, The Clerk Turns The Shotgun Toward The Man And Quickly Chambers A Shell With A Fast Pump.–


(Very Calmly, Almost Snickering)

Now, Don’t You Move, Son.

–The Man Appears To Be Totally Shocked At The Clerk’s Actions.–


(With Great Tension And Surprise)

SHIT! Look, Sir, You Don’t Understand…

–The Clerk Moves Closer To The Man.–


(Almost As Calmly As Before, But With Added Annoyance)

Understand Nothin’. I’m Callin’ The Po-lice, And You Can Explain It All To Them.

–The Clerk Slowly Moves Toward The Phone.–



Jesus Christ! SIR, PLEASE, I’m Begging You! People Are Coming! They’ll Kill Me AND You!



Listen! That’s Enough, Now! I’m Callin’ The Po-lice, So You Just Drop Your Gun!

–The Clerk Grabs The Phone With One Hand, Keeping The Shotgun Steadily Aimed At The Man.–



OH, FUCK IT! I’m Dead Any Way This Goes!

–The Man Is Teary And His Voice Is Now Scratchy, And He’s Almost Gasping For Breath. He Looks Like He’s About To Crack. He Slowly Turns His Gun Toward Himself, And Then Presses The Muzzle Of The Gun To His Right Temple. He Pulls Back The Hammer.–


(Frantic And Basically Crying)


–The Clerk, Now Realizing The Man Is About To Shoot Himself, Quickly Yells–


(Super Frantically)


–The Clerk Removes His Finger From The Shotgun’s Trigger And Moves The Barrel To The Side, Pointing It Away From The Man.

Just Ask Quickly, The Man Turns His Gun Toward The Clerk And Shoots Him, Once, Clean Through The Left Eye.–


(Calm And Cool As A Mountain Lake)

Wait For What?

–The Man Then Cleans Out All The Cash In The Station. He Takes The Pump-Shotgun. He Exits The Station. He Then Fills The Gas-Tank On His Car. He Takes One Last Look Around, And Then Calmly Drives Off.–

… …. …


… …. …




How’s ’bout Them Apples?!

Could You See It Well Enough?!

Does It Work For You?!

It Was Originally Written In 2003.

I Was Writing A “Crime-Drama” Type Thing At The Time, But Ended-Up Scrapping The Whole Thing EXCEPT For THIS ONE SCENE.

I’ve Always Felt It Could/Would Be Used Somewhere In My Writings, But I’d Never Found A Place For It.

So I Figured I’d Blog-It-Up For Y’all.

It’s Nothing Fancy, I Know.

I Just Liked The Idea That This Guy’s Only Real Intent Was Getting The Clerk To Show Him The Shotgun So He Knew He Wouldn’t Get Blown Away With It.

As Soon As The Clerk Turns It Away From Him, He Takes The Clerk Out With One Shot.

Then He’s Free To Rob The Store Of Its Cash, Tank-Up The Car, And He’s Got Himself A Nifty New Shotgun To Help Him Pull-Off Any Other Capers He Has Planned While He’s Out-&-About.

It Was All For Show.

He Just Needed To Know Where The Guy Had His Gun.

All I Did Here, While Blogging It To Y’all…


…Wasn’t Much.

I Just Smoothed-Out The Rough Edges.


…Some Of ‘Em, Anyway.


๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

2 responses to ““THE STATION’S PUMP” by Bradley Alan (2003 and 2012) (Rated “R”)

    • It’s A Guy On The Move Story. Or Was. Like I Said, I Scrapped A Lot Of It At The Time, But Kept This Little Scene. I Thought It Would Be A Good Jumping Off Point. I Love Things That Start In The Middle, So I Can Go Both Ways! hahahaha


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