An Amazing Song That’s Eating Me Alive: “POLICY Of TRUTH” by DEPECHE MODE (1990)

“…Now You’re Standing There Tongue Tied

You’d Better Learn Your Lesson Well

Hide What You Have To Hide

And Tell What You have To Tell…”

POLICY Of TRUTHIs One Of The Most Classic Of All Classics From DEPECHE MODE‘s 1990 AlbumVIOLATOR!!!

“…You’ll See Your Problems Multiplied

If You Continually Decide

To Faithfully Pursue





So, What Is This?!

Is This How It’s Supposed To Be?!




…As My World Sleeps…

…Constantly Reminding Me Of My Issues?!

I Sincerely Hope Not.

But That IS Sincerely How It FEELS.

I Hate Not Being Able To Sleep.

It’s Rather Maddening, Actually.

Lucky For Me, I Have My Music.

More Specifically…

…Lucky For Me, I Have My…



When You Can’t Sleep…

…The Pulsing Rhythms And Lyrical Brilliance Of…


…Can Honestly Easy The Pain And Suffering Of Yet Another Lost Night Of Quality Rest.

I Know I’ve Listened To This Album More Than Any Other.

More Than Any Other BY FAR.

And I Still Love It.

I Love Every Track.

All NINE (9) Of Them.

I Really Don’t Know What I’d Do Without It.

There Are Times When I Just Wanna Hear it.

And Then…

…There Are Times When I Simply MUST Hear It.

“Infectious” Is Such An Understated Term, Here.

This Morning…

…Or Tonight, Depending On Where You Are And Your Current State Of Consciousness…

…It Was One Of Those MUST Moments.

And Even More Specifically Than That…

…It Was A Morning/Night For…



This Is Just A Wondrous-Crackerjack Of A Jam, My Peeps.

A Wondrous-Crackerjack, Indeed.

๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

It’s Honestly Hard To Pinpoint And Peg-Down A Favorite Jam From This Album.

They’re ALL Favorites.


…Is No Different.

I Love It.

It’s A Favorite, Fo SHO, Kiddies.

When You Can’t Sleep…

…Reach For Those Amazing Jams.


…If You’re So Inclined…

…Write About Them.

It May Not Help You Sleep…

…But It May Help You In General.

It Works For Me.

It Makes Me Feel Better.

It Makes Me Smile.

It Distracts Me From My Sleepiness.

It Distracts Me From My Pain And Agony.

It Reminds Me That There Are Other Things Out There In The World Besides What’s Going On In My Head AND My Heart.

Wondrous-Crackerjack Jams Are Not Only To Be Loved…

…They’re Also To Be Respected.

And I Respect Mine.



6 responses to “An Amazing Song That’s Eating Me Alive: “POLICY Of TRUTH” by DEPECHE MODE (1990)

  1. Oh Bradley. The momma in me makes me want to take care of you. I wish I could ease your pain and slow your tired mind. I must listen to some Depeche Mode now. It takes me back to my youth. I’m telling you man, you were born in the wrong era. I do believe you are my Robert Downey Jr. You are.


  2. I’ve been trying to click “like” on several of your posts and wordpress just refreshes the page, sorry, just letting you know I’m reading and liking your stuff


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