Simply Excellent, My Peeps. Major Kudos, Ms. Renee. Love This One.

Renee Writes Here

She was a Girl of Colours

Darkness and Light too

She was Beauty and Ugliness

Death and Life

Brilliant yet Tarnished

Fire and Water, her elements

She was Everything yet she was Nothing

She was a Woman of Substance that became a Ghost

Even before her Demise she had become an Apparition

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  1. Thank you my love. Can’t believe you re-blogged my entry. You made me cry. Do you know that I wrote this in like 2 minutes. I heard the song on the radio and then I wrote the lines at a stop light. How did I know you would love the song and the words??? I LOVE you!!!


    • Sadly, While The Fate Of My “SPIN” CD Is Known Only To The Gods, I Continue To LOVE Me Some 24 GONE hehehe And The Lines You Wrote Were Beautiful, Ms. Renee. Doesn’t Matter If They Took 2 Minutes Or 20 Years To Write, They’re Beautiful. I Was Proud To Reblog This, M’Lady πŸ˜‰
      Love You, Also!!!


      • Oh baby, you do my heart proud. Sometimes I think my words are not good enough. And then you do this. I’m so humbled. You’ve no idea. Thank you.


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