Timothy Dalton IS The Most Underrated BOND Of Them All. I Loved “The Living Daylights” But It Was “Licence To Kill” That Totally Sold Me.
It’s Just Sad We Didn’t Get More Timothy Dalton In The 1990s. I Understand The Production Company’s Want For A Change, And I Do Like Pierce Brosnan… …I Just Liked Timothy Dalton’s Much Darker BOND. That’s Life, Though. We Don’t Always Get What We Want, Even When We Really Should!!! 😉
EXCELLENT Blog Post, And VERY Reblog Worthy!!!

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I started writing a review of The Living Daylights (1987) for my Groovers Video Vault, it quickly became clear that I was not writing about the movie but about its star, Timothy Dalton. He probably isn’t the best James Bond, but he is certainly the most underrated, probably the closest to the character Ian Fleming wrote, and possibly the most influential since Sean Connery. The review of The Living Daylights will have to wait for another day.

In 1985 a 58 year old actor played James Bond, the actor Roger Moore was playing the part for the seventh and final time in his twelve year tenure. An older Bond could have made an interesting character as it did when (the younger) Sean Connery reprised the role for the unofficial Never Say Never Again (1983), but thanks to lazy writing, Moore still playing the part as if he were a much younger man…

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