I Wanna Wanna WANNA SEE IT!!! And I Will. Trust Me, I Will!!!
I Need My BOND-FIX, And I Have The Feeling “SKYFALL” Is The Answer!!! How’s It Go? I’ve Got A Fever… And The Only Prescription… Is More BOND!!! WOOOOOOO!!!

My Filmviews

Growing up I remember watching some of the Bond movies starring various actors playing the iconic character. I never really fell in love with this franchise however as I always had the feeling that they offered the same type of story time and time again. Rinse and repeat until it felt silly (which probably was because of the Roger Moore movies).

The franchise needed some new blood and made relevant again and with Daniel Craig and Casino Royale it was pushed into Bourne territory. I really liked the movie, but felt disappointed again after seeing Quantum of Solace. Although I wasn’t really excited about this new installement in the adventures of Bond I did decide to check it out with the hopes it would offer that which I loved in Casino Royale.

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