An Amazing Song You’ve Never Heard That’s Now Stuck In My Head: “HIDEAWAY” by ERASURE

One Day The Boy Decided

To Let Them Know The Way He Felt Inside

He Could Not Stand To Hide It

His Mother, She Broke Down And Cried

Oh, My Father

Why Don’t You Talk To Me Now

Oh, My Mother

Do You Still Cry Yourself To Sleep

Are You Still Proud Of Your Little Boy

Don’t Be Afraid

You Don’t Have To Hideaway

The Boy He Was Rejected

By The People That He Cared For

It’s Not What They Expected

But He Could Not Keep It Secret Anymore

Far From Home Now

Waiting By The Telephone

There’s A New World

You Can make It On Your Own

Are You Still Proud Of Your Little Boy

Don’t Be Afraid

You Don’t Have To Hideaway. …

…<<<… >>>…



I Wish I Had More To Say About This Song, My Peeps.

It’s Very New To Me.

In Fact…

…TODAY Is The First Time I’ve Ever Listened To It.


I Love It Love It LOVE IT!

The Beat It Pumps Is Wonderful.

The Lyrics Are Masterful.

It’s An All-Around Crowd-Pleaser!

To ME…

…This Song Is About “Coming-Out” And The Trials And Tribulations Of Doing So.

I Didn’t Know That My Family Already Knew.

They’d Known For A Long While.

I’d Talked To My BFF About It…

…And I Even Asked Him To Tell My Mother, As I Was A Chicken-Shit-MO-FO, Fo SHO.

But She Already Knew.

As Did Some Of My Other Friends.

My Father Was The Last To Know, And It Shocked Him.

He Had No Clue.

Thing Is…

…I Didn’t Have A Clue, Either.

I Didn’t Figure It Out Until I was 20-Years-Old.

Most Guys Figure Things Out Much MUCH Sooner Than That.

But Not I.

I Was Oblivious.

I Knew I Had “Tendencies” But Nothing More.

A Phase.

That’s What I Was Convinced It Was.

Just A Phase.

I Played It Off As Long As I Could.



…I Gave In To Said Tendencies…

…And Finally Admitted What I Was…

…What I Am.

Talk About A Wildly-Weird Situation.

Coming-Out At 16 Or 17 Would Have Likely Been Much Easier On The Fam…

…On Me.

But, At That Point, It Was Just A Phase…

…Or So I Kept Telling Myself.


This Song…



…Really Sums It All Up.

I Can Easily Suggest It To Anyone AND Everyone.

It’s An Exceptional Little Ditty.

Y’all Should Give It A Go, Fo SHO, My Peeps.

I Know The Band…


…Isn’t Everyone’s Cup-O-Tea, But They Sure As Shit Are Mine.

As I Said…

…This Song Is New To Me.

I’ve Been Listening To It All Morning…

…On Repeat…

…Trying To Make Sure The Lyrics Say What I Think They Say.

And They Do.

So Why Not Blog About It…

…About Them!

Exactly, My Peeps!

Why Not, Indeed!

I’m Gonna End This Here.

Mainly Because I Need To Lay Back Down.

I’ve Used-Up Every Ounce Of Strength I Had Just To Write-Up This Little Number.

I’m Exhausted.

I Need A Rest.

That’s Sad, As I Slept The Bulk Of Yesterday.

But Whatever, Russ, Whatever!

Time To Rest.

Or, Do So As Much As Is Possible.

I Shall Try Try TRY!

Much Love, My Peeps!

Until The Next Time…!!!

So... Are YOU Jivin Me -questionmark-

11 responses to “An Amazing Song You’ve Never Heard That’s Now Stuck In My Head: “HIDEAWAY” by ERASURE

  1. This is a wonderful song, and I’m really glad you like it. I’ve liked it since I was a young man, but it’s taken on added poignancy since I became a father. Like most parents, I have hopes and dreams for my boys, but this song reminds me is that what I really want is for them to be happy.

    And regarding your experiences, it has to be nice that your mom already knew. Poor dad–but if that’s the worst shock he receives in his life, then his is a blessed existence.

    Keep on with your bad self, Brad!


    • And It Only Cost Me 3 Followers! I Was Expecting AT LEAST 5 Or So. So I Apparently Didn’t Piss-Off Or Disgust Tooooo Many Folks! That’s A Good Thing! I’m Addicted To This Song, Now, RK. I Think It’s Erasure’s BEST Work. Period. I Just Can’t Help Myself. I’m Powerless In Its Grasp!!! πŸ˜‰ hehehe Thank You For Saying That, RK. It Makes Me Feel Better About Posting It In The First Place.
      Much Love, Dude.
      And Thank You Again!!!


  2. I was thinking, you know how people used to say that if you’d taken more than 7 hits of LSD you were considered legally insane? Well I wonder: if you’ve seen Erasure in concert more than seven times, can you be declared legally gay?

    ‘Cause, you know, uh-oh.


    • Yep. That’s The Golden Ticket.
      You, RK, Are A Closet Homo.
      I’m Sorry.
      Is There Anyone I Can Call To Lend A Hand?
      A Nurse?
      You May Need Serious Attention.


    • Perhaps You Did?
      You’d Make An Attractive “Gay” Gay, Ya Know.
      But, I Wouldn’t Condone It.
      I Like My RK The Way He It.
      Not That He’s Perfect.
      None Of Us Are.
      BUT, I Like You The Way You Are.
      I Like Straight Men.
      Come To The Darkside /If/When/If It Happens.
      I WON’T Be Instigator.
      BUT, You’d Be A Great Addition.
      You Have A “Stayabiility Factor Of 121% Above Normal.
      That’s Much Higher Most Folks hahahahaa πŸ˜‰ πŸ˜€


  3. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:
    The Insomnia Fairy Has Struck Me Hard, And I’ve Already Given-Up On Trying To Sleep Anymore Tonight/This Morning.
    I Was Going Through Some Older Posts When I Discovered This One.
    It Made Me Smile Very Much, Especially Since I Didn’t Really Remember Blogging About This Song In The First Place.
    I’m So Very VERY Glad I Did! πŸ˜€
    Enjoy It, My Peeps.
    And Don’t Forget To Check-Out The Link To The Music Video!
    You Can Thank Me Later. πŸ˜‰


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