I Think My Internal Clock Has Gone To Shite!

And I’m Not Even Joking, My Peeps.

Used To Be, I’d Get FOUR (4) Hours, And That Would Be That.

Go To Bed At Midnight, Or Later…

…Up At At ‘Em By 4’ish’A.M.


…That Hasn’t Been The Case, Of Late.

This Past Evening/This Morning…

I Slept For Over NINE (9) Hours.


…Perhaps This Is My Body Playing Catch-Up…

…I Honestly Don’t Know.

What I DO Know…


…Is That It’s Totally Screwing With The Rest Of My Day.

I’m Used To Getting-Up At 4AM.

I’m Used To Having Plenty Of Work Done By This Point In The Morning.

But No Longer.

I’ve Slept So So Long, I Don’t Honestly Know What To Do With Myself.

I Never Ever Ever Ever Never Sleep For 9’Frickin’HOURS!!!

I Mean…

…I Suppose My Body Needed The Rest…

…But Still.

This Is Simply Unheard-Of.

It’s Been A Decade Since I’ve Slept This Long…

…This Hard…

…Dead To The World.

My Phone Was Going Off…

…Yet Didn’t Wake Me.

My Alarm Was Going Off…

…Yet Didn’t Budge Me.

The Aroma Of Fresh Coffee Was In The Air…

…Yet I Didn’t Notice.

Not Sure What The Deal Is…

…But I Sure As Shit Don’t Like It.


I Know I May Piss And Moan About How Early I Awaken…

…Yet I’d Give Anything To Feel THAT Focused And THAT Alert.

This Morning…

…I’m In A Haze.

I Feel Muddled…

…I Can’t Seem To Focus My Thoughts…

…Nor My Energy.

I’m Simply Here.



More Tired Than When I Went To Bed.

More Lethargic.

More Confused.

Unsure Of What To Do Next.

It’s Taking Every Ounce Of Focus I Have Just To Keep Myself From Striking The Wrong Keys.

Perhaps I Just Need More Coffee.

Something To Awaken Me From My Waking Slumber.

Awake, I Am, But Not Truly Awake.

It’s An Odd Feeling, My Peeps.

Something I’m Not Used To In The Slightest.


…More Coffee Is Required.

And, Perhaps, Some Breakfast.

I Can Already Hear The “Honey Smacks” Calling To Me.

They Want Me To Eat Them.

They Must Have Me Eat Them.

I Shall Eat Them.

And I Shall Eat Them All.


…And Smacks.

Sounds Like A Winner To Y’all, Doesn’t It?



I Thought So, Also.

Perhaps THEY Will Wake Me Up?!

One Can Only Hope.

Until Then…


I Shall Endeavor To Do The Same.

‘Tis The Weekend, After-All.

‘Tis A Time Of Fun…

…And Larks…

…And All Sorts Of Fun And Tricks And Whatnot.

Time For This Young Lad To Do What He Can To Wake The F Up!!!

This Is Generally The Best Time To Write From Within…

…As There’s No Room For Editing.

For Now…

…I’m Just ME.



Unabridged Me.

No Thinking…

…Just Writing.

Please Be Good To One Another.

I Shall Pester Y’all Later Today.

Ya Know…

…After I’m Actually AWAKE!!!

Much Love To Y’all, My Peeps.

Much Love, Indeed.

๐Ÿ˜€ย ย ย ย ย ย  ๐Ÿ˜€

5 responses to “I Think My Internal Clock Has Gone To Shite!

  1. Much love to you my dear friend. Sleep. You need it. Even if it frustrates you, you need it. Rest my love. And grace us with your words later.


  2. I hope you feel better soon! What you’re feeling may actually be a good thing. Like you, I don’t typically get enough sleep (although I usually get six hours, which is a lot different from four). But I’ve noticed on those nights when I’ve gotten a good night’s sleep, I’m actually much more tired the next day. I think that a body unused to sleep is extra groggy after a good sleep. I think (but I don’t know) that if you can string together a few nights like that, the feeling will go away.


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