In Regard To Tonight’s World Series Game 1, I Am Reminded Of “Aesop’s Fables”…

…And This Quote Totally Sums It Up For Me, Tonight.



<<<(c. 620 B.C. – c. 564 B.C.)>>>

Oh Aesop…

…If Only You Knew, Dude.

If Only You Knew.


6 responses to “In Regard To Tonight’s World Series Game 1, I Am Reminded Of “Aesop’s Fables”…

    • I’m An NL Guy USUALLY, As I HATE The DH And Think The NL Is How The Game Should Be Played, But I Just Can’t Bring Myself To Root Against The Tigers This Year. I Rooted Against Detroit In 2006 Because My Cardinals Were Playing Them. I Was Ready To Root Against The Tigers This Year, As I Was Just Sure My Cardinals Were Going To Be Playing Them Again. But Then These Giants Took My Cardinals Apart 😦 I Rooted For The Giants In 2010 Because I HATE Texas.
      …When It Became Official That It Was Giants Vs Tigers, I Made My Mind Up That, THIS YEAR, I Would Root For Detroit.
      I’m Even Wearing My Gifted, Retro Tigers T-Shirt.
      Sadly, Whomever I Root For This Year Seems To Be On The Losing End Of Things.
      Oh Flippin’ Well, I Guess.
      In All Honesty, I Don’t Give A Shit Who Wins It All This Year. Without The Cardinals Playing, I’m Just Watching For The Sake Of Watching Baseball Itself As It’s Played-Out.
      The Game Is What’s Really Important.
      Hell, Even If It Were CUBS Vs YANKEES (the two teams I dislike above all others) I’d STILL Be Watching The Series.
      GO BASEBALL! hahahaha
      Sorry For Ranting, Mr. Bill.
      Sheesh, I Should Have Turned This Into A Blog Post! πŸ˜€


        • HAHAHA
          I Might Just Do That!
          I’m Working On Some Smaller Pieces At The Moment, As It’s After 11PM And There’s No Sleep In Sight 😦
          I Hate Insomnia. I’ve Been Up Since 4AM’ish, Yet Am Still Wide-Awake.
          Just Can’t Seem To Shut-It-Down, Tonight.
          Getting My Midnight Posting Ready To Go…
          …Ya Know…
          …Since I’m Sure To Still Be Awake Then.
          …And As An Aside…
          …The Kung-Fu Panda Is On My Fantasy Baseball Team. So Are Matt Cain AND Buster Posey! HAHAHA
          The Only Tiger I Have Is Doug Fister.
          The 3 Giants Are All Keepers For My 2013 Season, btw HAHAHAHA
          I Need Some Rest.
          What Is It They Say About The “Wicked” Again?!?! πŸ˜‰


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