…For The First Time In EIGHT (8) DAYS



I Do Promise To Keep Y’all Apprised Of What’s Going On With This…

…But I Simply Had To Say It To Y’all!

I Can’t Say I Don’t Know WHY She Did This…

…As The WHY Is Pretty Open AND Shut…

She Was F-in HUNGRY!

If Any Of Y’all Hadn’t Had Any Food For EIGHT (8) Days, You’d Be Hungry.



The Question Is…






…To Turn EIGHT (8) Days Of Eating Absolutely Nothing…

…After Losing More Than FOUR (4) Pounds Of Herself In Those EIGHT (8) Days

…To Appear To Suffer Mightily And To Such An Extent As To Make Everyone Question Themselves On Whether She Should Be “Put-Down” To End Said Suffering…

…Into Finally Having Some Nibbles Of Cat Food AND A Little Goat’s Milk?!?!?

??? !!! ???

I Simply Haven’t An Answer.


…This Could Be A Fluke.

She Could Have Just Been Trying To Eat…

…Before Realizing Once Again That Eating Is Not An Option.


All I Know Is She Has Shocked The Hell Out Of Me.


I Sincerely Hope This Isn’t A Fluke.

I Sincerely Hope She’s Coming-Out Of Whatever She’s Been Suffering With.

I Sincerely Hope She Decides To Eat A Little More…

…And Then A Little More…

…And Then More And More And More!

She’s Still Got A Long Way To Go If She’s Going To Make A Full-Recovery…

…To Regain Those Lost Pounds…

…To Get The Moxie Back In Her Mix…

…To Get ANY Spring Back In Those Steps…

…Etc Etc Etc.

Like I Said…

…I Promise To Keep Y’all Apprised Of What’s Going On.

Fluke OR Not

She’s Made Me VERY Happy.


…As Happy As One Can Be In A Situation Like This.

I’m Still Worried As Hell That She’s Going To Die…

…Or That She Continues To Suffer.


…This IS Something.

It Really REALLY IS!

Keep Those Fingers Crossed, My Peeps.

For Those Of You Who Go In For The Whole Prayer Business, Please Continue.

So Long As She Continues To Eat, I Would Like To Think She’s Got A Shot At Recovery.

I Know I’m “Mr. Negative” In Cases Like This…

…But I’m Also “Mr. Hopeful”

…And I’d Settle For No-Less.

I Suppose That’s Why I’m “Mr. Contradiction” Too.



9 responses to “NEWSFLASH: SHE ATE!!! …

    • I Don’t Know If She’s Alright Or Not. All I Know Is, She Has Eaten. But Not Much. And She’s Again Refusing Food And Water.
      Like I Said, I Hope The Little Bit She Did Eat Wasn’t A Fluke.
      But Thank You! I Totally Appreciate The Kind Words.


  1. Yay…. Like Jaz; I sure hope this is a good sign, Brad…
    But you know, Brad…. they do have to go eventually… Hope that’s okay for me to say… I just don’t want you to feel bad… Heaven knows; we love them so much…. xoxoxo


    • Personally speaking (and this is just me) I’d rather hope for something and be disappointed than expect the worst in this case. Every day above ground is a victory.


      • I’m speaking more from an ‘acceptance’ point of view, though I understand your thinking too…!
        I think we all have our various ways of coping with traumatic experiences.
        I’ve had to euthanize both a beloved cat and dog, so I understand the grief of losing something precious. Just opening another window, Smak, is all…


        • I hear you–and that’s why I included the parenthetical notation. I certainly don’t want to suggest that there’s a “right” way to deal with grief, and I hope I didn’t come off that way.


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