Friends… Bloggers… Countrypersons… Lend Me Your Reading-Glasses!

As Some Of You May Have Noticed…

…I’ve Been In A Sort Of “Creative-Funk” Of Late.

I’ve Had So Much On My Mind…

…So SO Much, In-Fact…

…That I Sincerely Feel My Blog Has Been Suffering For It.

I’ve Felt Kinda Lost.

I’ve Felt Kinda Overwhelmed.

I’ve Felt I Could/Should Be Doing More.

So SO Much More.

It’s October…

…Which Is Usually My Favorite Month Of The Year…

…And I’ve Spent The Bulk Of It Depressed As Shit.

I’m Not Sure What To Make Of It.

I Mean…

…Yeah, I Know I’ve Had Some Dental Issues That Have Curbed My Little Joy-Ride Several Times…

…And I’ve Been Dealing With A Horrid Bout Of Loneliness…

…But Neither Of Those Are Quality Excuses.

Right Now…

…At This Moment In Time…

…I’m Also Dealing With The Reality That My Cat…



…Is Nearing Death.

She’s Been Very Sick For A Couple Weeks…

…And There’s Really Nothing I, Nor Anyone Else, Can Do For Her.

She’s Stopped Eating, Now.

Her Systems Are Shutting-Down.

She Just Wants To Lay Down, Anymore.

She’s Lost Her Will To Live, Or So It Seems, But I Can’t Bring Myself To Have Her Simply “Put-Down” As The Vet Would Say.

I’ve Never Been As Attached To Any Pet As I Have Been Toward Her…

…So That I Do Know Has Added To This “Funk” I’m In.

Things Are Just Starting To Snowball.

My Hair Is Long, Now.

Longer Than It’s Ever Been.

I’m About Halfway Into Having A Full Beard Again.

As Grandma Would Say, I Look Like A “Ragamuffin” Or Something To That Effect.

I Can’t Go On My Mind-Clearing-Walks Because My Feet Have Dried-Out And Split-Open On The Bottoms In Multiple Places (F-in OUCH!).

My Mouth Hurts…

…And There Are More Dental Appointments On The Horizon.

Years And Years Of Puking-My-Guts-Up On A Daily Basis Has Simply DESTROYED My Teeth.

They’re Weak.

They’re Brittle.

They Break Like It’s Nobody’s Business.

They Make Me Horridly Self-Conscious.

Especially In This Day And Age Where Everyone Strives For That Perfect Smile…

…Ya Know…

…The One I Used To Have.

I Really Could Go On And On, But I’ll Digress From That Point.




…And It Works-Out To A Simple Answer:

October Is Now My LEAST Favorite Month.


At Least…

…This October Is.

Perhaps Next Year Will Be Better.

I Sincerely Doubt It Will Be Better…

…But That Doesn’t Mean I’m Not HOPING It’ll Be Better.

I Just Need To Find A Way To Snap-Out-Of-It Somehow.

Ya Know Ya Know, My Peeps?!?

I Just Haven’t Yet Figured-Out The SOMEHOW Part.

I Just Know I Have To Have My “A”-Game Grooving By This Time Next Week.

I’m Taking A Weekend Trip To Chicago, Next Weekend.

My BFF Lives There…

…And I Haven’t Seen Him For Nearly THREE (3) Years.

His Brother…

…My Other BFF…

…Is Picking Me Up Friday, And We’re Making The Drive.

I’m Super Stoked About That…

…Though I Admit The Bulk Of My Excitement Is Buried Deep Down Inside Me.

You Know Me…

…It’s Not Easy For Me To Outwardly Show My True Emotional States.

But I DO Promise Y’all I’m Looking Forward To The Trip With Anxious-Anticipation.

I Just Don’t Want To Show-Up On His Doorstep In A Severely Depressed State Of Heart And Mind.


…I Think I’m Going To Shut-Up, Now.

No One Likes Reading A Blog Where The Author Just Sits About And Rambles On About His Pathetic-Excuse For A Life.

So I’ll End My Ramble.

Just Please Please PLEASE, My Peeps, Take Good Care Of Yourselves…

…And Take Good Care Of Each-Other.

I’m Sure I’ll Be Back To Ramble With Y’all Again.

Hopefully Very Soon.

L8r L8r, Tater-Tots.


19 responses to “Friends… Bloggers… Countrypersons… Lend Me Your Reading-Glasses!

  1. Oh Bradley, I can’t tell you how sorry I am about Missy. I lost my Bruno 3 years ago this month, my basset hound. We have him buried right under my bedroom window and lucky for me Miss Rosebud came up for adoption about 2 weeks after he passed, another basset hound. We had to have Bruno put down because he had lymphoma and he was suffering so much. Maybe it would be more kind to Missy to give her some peace, I know you don’t want to hear that, but at the end of the day she’s simply miserable. I wish I knew what to say to make you feel better my friend, but know that I am here and I care….Peace, Jaz


  2. Brad, first of all, I’m sorry for your cat. A good pet is a member of the family. Right now, in my office, I’m looking at a framed picture of Winchester, my dog who died in 1994, and was the best dog ever. The fact that you’re concerned about your cat says a lot about you, and all of it good.

    Have fun in Chicago!


    • But What Does It Say?! That I Have More Sympathy/Empathy For My Dying Cat Than I Do The Bulk Of Humanity?!
      …Actually, That’s Very True πŸ˜‰
      That Shouldn’t Be A Surprise, Though. I’ve NEVER Been A Real “People Person” Ya Know?!
      Sure You Do, Dude!

      And Thank You. I’ll Try My Best To Try My Best While On The Chicago Trip.
      Fo SHO, Sir. πŸ™‚


  3. I have just started following your blog. It didn’t take me long to realize you have an extraordinary aptitude for expressing profound and complex ideas in a way that resonates with your readers. Loss and farewells are universal to all of us. One day at a time…you will be in my thoughts….


    • Wow. This Could Be The Best Compliment I’ve Ever Received In Regard To My Work.
      Thank You, Ma’am. I Ultra Appreciate Your Words.
      Thank You Thank You.
      And I Appreciate The Weight Of What You’ve Said.
      I Can Only Hope I’ll Be Able To Keep Those Lofty Standards.
      Thank You, Again.


  4. Enjoy Chicago, Brad..!
    Shame ’bout your Missy aka Mistique… they just don’t live long enough!
    Ragamuffin is a term I heard many times as a child; now I use it a lot too…
    It’s the sort of thing you say you’ll never do (like becoming your parents) and saying things they did… Yep: I’ve become my parents….
    Hopefully October will end better than it began, Brad…. we can hope!


    • Thank You, Carolyn.
      As Always, Thank You.
      And October Is Making A Very VERY Slow Turn In A Better Direction.
      It Really Has Gone Down The Proverbial Tubes Thus Far, But Maybe/Hopefully It’ll End Better Than I Expect.
      Fingers Crossed For Luck, Ms. Carolyn!


  5. Brad, I’m sorry, too to hear about your cat being sick. I have lost 2 cats and a dog over the last three years and it is NEVER an easy thing to go through. I consider my animals as family, so I know how upsetting this can be.


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