“No One Flower Can Ever Symbolize This Nation…”








5 responses to ““No One Flower Can Ever Symbolize This Nation…”

    • Agreed, Dearest.
      When I Read It, I Immediately Broke Out The Ole Pen And Paper And I Wrote It Down.
      I Felt It Was An Excellent Supporting Quote For The JFK Quote I’ve Showcased Today.
      I’m Very Pleased You Like It, Ms. Renee.
      Very Pleased, Indeed. πŸ™‚


      • I’m a quote whore. I love the majority of the quotes you post. They all effect me in some way. Hope all is well my sweet friend. πŸ™‚


        • I’m A Quote Whore, Also hehe
          And All Could Be Better Than It Is, Lovey.
          Everyday Is A Struggle, But I Think It’s That Way For Most People.
          I Did Finally Finish My Physical Exams With The VA For My Compensation And Pension.
          Now It’s A Waiting Game… …AGAIN. :*(
          I’m The Most Impatient Patient You’re Likely To Find, Other Than Yourself Of Course hehe
          My Whole Life Has Been Just Like The True Motto Of The Government, “HURRY UP And WAIT.”
          Pisses Me Off To No End.
          But There’s Nothing I Can Do About Any Of It.
          I Feel Very Stuck.
          We’ll Just Have To See What Happens Next…
          …Whenever That May Be. :\


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