In Those Immortal Lyrics… “What Else Should I Be… All Apologies…”

Good Morning, My Peeps, And Thank You NIRVANA.

As You’ve Noticed Of Late…

I’ve Been Slacking.

I’ve Not Been Posting Like My Mad, Crazy Self.

I’d Like To Continue Blaming It On The Pain I’m In…

…But That Would Seem, To Me, To Be An Easy Cop-Out.

I Am In Pain.

There’s No Getting Around That.

But I Shouldn’t Be Letting It Affect My Work As It Has Been…


…More Correctly…

…As I Have Been.

I Hate Pain.

Hate It To Death.


Because It’s Something We Have

And We Have No Choice But To Suffer Through It.

I Mean…


…There’s Always An Easier Plan.

Ending Personal Pain Is An Instrumental Part Of The “Easier Plan” But It’s Just Not Something I Have The Will To Do.

Especially In This Instance.

Not When I Know I’m On The Mend.

Knowing That Each Day Will Be Slightly Better, And Slightly Better Still.

I Just Hate Pain.

Regardless Of How It Is Dispensed.

Regardless Of Anything.

I Just Hate Pain.

But Getting Back To The Point Of This Bloggin’ing…

I’m SORRY, My Peeps.

I’m Sorry I’ve Been Slack In My Duties Here

And I’m SORRY For My Lame Excuses As To WHY I’ve Been Slacking.

In Truth…

…There’s No Good Reason.

I Have My Responsibilities….

…Just Like The Rest Of Y’all Do.

So I Shall Do My Best Not To Let It Happen Again.

Regardless Of Pain, Or Any Other Type Of Personal Distractions…

…I Have A Responsibility To MYSELF And To Y’ALL.

THANK YOU For Sticking With Me Through All Of This Happy Horseshit.

I Will Be Better Better.

And I Won’t Let The BS Going On Around Me To Distract Me From Bringing Fun Bloggin’ings And Such To Y’all.

In The Meantime

…Y’all Please Continue To Take Care, And To Take Care Of Each-Other.

I Shant Be Too Far Away, That’s A Big FO SHO.

Now Let’s Kick This Pig And Let The Day Truly Begin.

It’s Good Ole Monday Morning…

…So Y’all Are Going To Be In Some Serious Need Of My Services.

And I Believe I’m Up To The Challenge.


Y’all Take It Easy


If It’s Easy

Take It AGAIN!!!



11 responses to “In Those Immortal Lyrics… “What Else Should I Be… All Apologies…”

  1. Hey bud–I don’t deal well with pain, either.

    Hopefully the minor bitch-rant that follows will help (for a moment) take your mind off it.

    Okay, I LOVE “All Apologies”–it might be my favorite Nirvana song. However, there’s a line in the song that I misheard for years.

    When I heard the song, I heard this: “I’ll take all the blame, I’LL PROCEED FROM SHAME.”

    Only, as you probably know, those aren’t the lyrics. The actual lyrics, written by one of the greatest rock musicians of our time, are “Aqua Seafoam Shame.”

    WTF? Seriously, when Kurt was hurting for a line (by which I mean musically), he should have called me. “cause my misheard lyrics were, in that case, way better than the real ones.

    ‘Scuze me while I kiss this guy!


    • So You’re Saying I Should Forget About My Mouth Pain Because You’re Going To Kiss Me?!
      I Mean.
      Should We Get The Room In Your Name, Mine, Or Should We Use Aliases?!?!
      Thank You For Cheering Me Up, Dude.
      I Know I Can Always Count On You For A Few Things…
      …One Being A Big Ole…

      …Smile. πŸ˜€
      Much Love To You, RK.
      I Don’t Know Where I’d Be Without You.


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