I Think I’m (almost) In The Clear, My Peeps =)

I’m Still A Bit Sore From The Whole Ordeal…

…But That Is Slowly Passing.

Thank Jeebus, Right?!


Ya Know…

…If Ya Wanna.


I’m Thanking The Pain-Meds AND The Anti-Inflammatory Meds.

They’ve Saved My Skin, Yet Again.

And While My Stomach Is A But Funkified From All The Medications…

…At Least My Mouth Doesn’t Hurt Toooo Badly.

I’m Still Rather Sore There, Also, But It Is Subsiding.

Th Life Lesson Learned By This Experience???


Watch-Out For Rogue Macadamia Nuts.

Those Bastards My Taste Like Heaven…

…But They Can Also Do Some Serious Damage.

Now I’m Just Wishing I Could Keep My Damned Tongue AWAY From The Empty Hole That Was Once A Rather Large Tooth.

The Tongue Can Be A Bastard, Also.

It Simply Can’t Stand Not Feeling Around In One’s Mouth.

And If Something Feels Weird To It…


…It’s After It.

That Alone Could Drive A Man Bonkers!

At Least…

…This Man It Does.

I’ve Been Awake Since About 4:30am’ish…

…And I Don’t Like I’ve Accomplished Very Much.

But Who Gives A Shit?

It’s SUNDAY, For Pete’s Sake.

SUNDAY Is A Day Of Rest AND Worship.


…Since I Worship NO ONE, Nor NOTHING…

…SUNDAY Becomes All About The REST Portion.

There’s Some Baseball On To Watch Tonight…


…That’s Likely What I Shall Endeavor To Do.

And I Shall Endeavor To Do Is QUIET WELL, In-Fact.



TIGERS Vs TheYanks


Should Be Loads Of Fun For One And All, Fo SHO!!!

Anyway, My Peeps…

…I Shall End This Message As I Have In The Past.


Your Support And Kind Words/Thoughts Have Been A Major Help.




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