“The Future…”

“…Belongs To Those Who Believe In The Beauty Of Their Dreams.”




One response to ““The Future…”

  1. Reblogged this on "You Jivin' Me, Turkey?" and commented:

    I Really Wanted To Post Something Special About Believing In One’s Own Dreams, And I Just Couldn’t Get Anything To Come Out Quite Right. So, I Started Looking Back At Former Posts, And This Quote Stuck Out At Me. It Stuck Out So Much So That I Simply Couldn’t Help But Give It Ye Ole Reblog.
    It’s A Favorite Quote, Yes, But It’s A Bit More Special Than That.
    It’s Hard To Believe In Your Dreams When Nothing Seems To Be Going Right. Lately, Oddly, Almost Everything Seems To Be Going Right For Me. I’m Not Stupid, Nor Foolish. I Know It Can’t Last Forever. But, It May Last Long Enough. Long Enough For What? That’s Part Of The Mystery, Isn’t It? I Do So LOVE A Quality Mystery! Don’t You?! SURE YOU DO!!! πŸ˜€
    Rest Easy Tonight, My Peeps.
    We’ll Talk More Tomorrow.


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