An Amazing Song You’ve Never Heard Nor Heard Of: “BALL And CHAIN” by TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND (2011)

Thought I Was Bound

To Get Away

Now I’m Just Bound

I Don’t Mind

When The Hurricane

Comes Around

… … …

… … …

I’m So Lucky

My Pride And Joy

Is My


And They’re One And The Same. …

… … …

… … … … …

… … …

The Simplicity Of This Song Is Apparent…

…But The Lyrics Say A Lot.

They’re Pretty Simple As Well…

…But That Doesn’t Change How This Song Comes Across To Me.


…We Find Brilliance In The Simplicity Of Things.

This Entire Album…



…Is Chock-Full Of Brilliance.


…One Is Able To Connect With Something In The Most Profound Ways.

That’s What Happened To ME, In Regard To This Album.

I Connected With It.

So Many Quality Songs.

It Makes Me Sad To Think There Are So So Many People Whom Haven’t Even Heard Of This Band, Let Alone This Album.

It’s With Songs Like This One…


…That The Truth Behind The Wonder Of Simplicity Becomes So So Apparent.

You Don’t Have To Say A Lot In Order To Say Something Amazing…

…Or Wonderful…

…Or Brilliant.

That’s A Philosophy I Can Totally Agree With.

I Do Get A Little Long-Winded At Times (as my family and friends continue reminding me) But It’s Only Because I Have So Much Information I Wish To Convey To Others.

So I Get Wrapped-Up In What I’m Talking About, Instead Of Making A Clear Point.



…I Don’t Feel I’m Being Long-Winded.

I Just Wanted To Impress A Point.


LESS Really Is MORE.

And That’s Something I Can Appreciate…

…And Respect.

Have I Made My Point?

I Dunno.


Y’all Will Just Have To Let Me Know.


4 responses to “An Amazing Song You’ve Never Heard Nor Heard Of: “BALL And CHAIN” by TEDESCHI TRUCKS BAND (2011)

  1. Have you heard the Gaslight Anthem or Horrible Crowes? They are by no means apropos of a discussion of the TTB (of which I first heard a few weeks ago in these pages), it just occurs to me to ask, as I like them. (Just as a beautiful face is made unforgettable by a tiny, but apparent flaw, your excellent musical taste is rendered somehow more pure a very few mind-boggling choices–i.e., the B-52s over Erasure. C’mon, man. I mean, c’mon.).


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