I’m Actually One Of Those Peeps Who Enjoys “THE OMEN” Much More So Than “THE EXORCIST” Though It Could Be Because Of My Love Of GREGORY PECK! It Doesn’t Matter Why…
…I Simply Love LOVE “THE OMEN”!!!
Excellent Choice By Mr. FISTER, Eh!?! EXCELLENT, Indeed. 😉

Article by FisterRoboto of lefthandhorror.com

Directed by Richard Donner

Written by David Seltzer

Starring: Gregory Peck, Lee Remick, and Harvey Stephens

Robert and Katherine Thorn seem to have it all. They are happily married and he is the US Ambassador to Great Britain, but they want more than to have children. When Katharine has a stillborn child, Robert is approached by a priest at the hospital who suggests that they take a healthy newborn whose mother has just died in childbirth. Without telling his wife he agrees. After relocating to London, strange events – and the ominous warnings of a priest – lead him to believe that the child he took from that Italian hospital is evil incarnate. Written by garykmcd  

The Omen isn’t messing around. It’s a movie about the child Anti-Christ after all. There was a multitude of horror movies dealing with Satanism after the hugely popular

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  1. I found The Omen to be very scary, because it was so suggestive. When I see movies with friends (I don’t see many movies these days), we often disagree on what is scary. The stuff that freaks me out they consider rather tame, and the stuff that freaks them out I consider gross and obvious. I’m more freaked out by what they DON’T show, but is suggested. The Omen is great like that. The ending of “The Thing” is just FULL of that.


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